Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)

    Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) & A8+ (2018): First Samsung Dual Selfie...

    Samsung Electronics Malaysia has announced its all-new Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) and Galaxy A8+ (2018) is now available in Malaysia. The new selfie-centric smartphone has IP68 water & dust resistant and dual front camera to capture every moment brilliantly.


      ASUS ZenBook Flip S

      Review – ASUS ZenBook Flip S: ASUS Pen + Very Thin...

      Here we have the brand new ASUS ZenBook Flip S - an ultrabook that's rather unique. It has the ability to convert into a tablet, and it also supports stylus input. It's not a Surface-style device - so what is it, actually? This makes it the perfect device for artists, doodlers, or even those who want to take quick notes or draw notes, no?
      ASUS ZenFone Max Plus (M1) header

      Review – ASUS ZenFone Max Plus (M1): Large Screen, Large Battery

      Since the release of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ (which we reviewed here), every other smartphone brands out there has been latching onto the latest trend - longer screen. Though, instead of following Samsung's aspect ratio of 18.5:9, other smartphones opted for an 18:9 aspect ratio, which is empirically 2:1, also known as "FullView display" now. ASUS opted for more than just having a 2:1 screen for the ZenFone Max Plus M1.



        [Comic Fiesta] Smart Doll: Where are they now?

        We all remember Culture Japan's Smart Doll. It was first debuted when Comic Fiesta 2013 was still held in KLCC. Ahhh, memories of the great moment when Culture Japan booth made a mark.
        ASUS ROG Gladius scroll wheel

        How I fixed the scroll wheel on my ASUS ROG Gladius

        Ever since I reviewed the first ever ASUS ROG Gladius from more than 2 years ago, I fell in love with that mouse. I loved the shape, the functionality, and the grip of that mouse. It's a really great mouse and has been with me since the day I first laid my hands on it. Over the years, the scroll wheel started having issues.
        OTG use

        Top 5 OTG Cable Uses That You Should Know

        OTG cables are fantastic little accessories to have at all times. They're not widely available, and not widely known too, for that matter. This little OTG cable converts your whatever device with USB-A headers to USB-C or micro-USB. they're available in quite a lot of different shapes, lengths, and designs, actually.




          Edifier M3600 header

          Review – Edifier M3600D: Great BANG For Your Buck

          We humans are weird. While the ideal speaker is having a flat frequency response across the spectrum, most of us will find it boring and "no oomph". Thus, we have equalizers, or EQ, to tweak the sound. But EQs are quite limited - hence hardware-optimized frequency responses. The Edifier M3600D is one of those speakers that goes beyond EQ, touting its THX certification.

          Review – Ducky One TKL mechanical keyboard: top-notch affordability

          Let's be honest - the genuine Cherry MX switches have been around for years, and they're experts when it comes to these mechanical keyboard switches. That said, these switches aren't cheap at all - even when they are a lot of copycats out there. Enter the Ducky One - Ducky's very own low-priced mechanical keyboard with 100% genuine Cherry MX switches. In this particular review is the Ducky One TKL with blue LED backlight, which is known as the DKON1687S.
          Facebook BIG Text How To Disable

          [UPDATED] Facebook BIG Text – How To Disable It

          Let's start off with a bit of introduction. Facebook introduced something I call "Facebook Big Text" a while ago. It seems to stir up quite a lot of controversy down in the comments section too. I read all of it, and I think a "fix" is very much needed.
          Mechanical Keyboard LED Mod 1

          Guide – Mechanical Keyboard LED Mod

          Ever wanted to get a keyboard with backlight but it's not the colour you want? I got into the same situation. I couldn't stand it. So I soldered my own LEDs on it. Here's how you do it. We also have a video showing how I did the whole keyboard LED mod!
          Edifier MP80 Bluetooth Speaker

          Review – Edifier MP80 Bluetooth Speaker: Tiny But Loud

          We've seen many Bluetooth speakers over the years here at Nasi Lemak Tech, and I can't help but say this - many Bluetooth speakers out there are available in black colored plastic body. That's fine - but what if I want a little design in my Bluetooth speaker while still sound decently well? Enter the Edifier MP80 - it's a tiny little circular Bluetooth speaker that's available in the usual black or in an ocean blue hue.