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Tronsmart Onyx Neo

Review – Tronsmart Onyx Neo

The brand new Tronsmart Onyx Neo. It is a pretty stylish yet small-sized true wireless earbuds and comes with an affordable price tag. We have the Tronsmart Onyx Neo for quite some time but today, we're finally taking a look at it.
Jabra Elite 75t

Review – Jabra Elite 75t: I love them quite a lot, but…

For me, Jabra is known for its reputation in call center equipment. Then, I was approached and asked if I want to review the Jabra Elite 75t. I said yes - and a few days after that, the restricted movement order kicked in.
Edifier S1000MKII

Review – Edifier S1000MKII: Affordable Hi-Res Audio bookshelf speakers

I recently upgraded to the Edifier S1000MKII. This is a 2.0 HiFi speaker system with lots of features built-in. It's an entirely new experience for me as this is the first time I'm using a HiFi bookshelf speaker.
Samsung Galaxy Buds+

Review – Samsung Galaxy Buds+: Fantastic battery life, affordable price

Last year, we did a review on the Samsung Galaxy Buds and said it's very tunable with okay battery life. This year, Samsung released the Galaxy Buds+ that has a 2-way dynamic speaker and nearly double the battery life compared to its predecessor.
Edifier GM2SE

Review – Edifier GM2SE: Affordable wired earphone for RM79

We've reviewed a lot of audio products, ranging from earphones to headphones to speakers, wired and wireless. Usually, all of them have a 3-digit price, else it would just sound meh. Today's earphone is special - for the price of RM79, you can buy the Edifier GM2SE.
OPPO Enco Free

Review – OPPO Enco Free: Many things done right

There is surely a surge of true wireless earbuds - or in this case, earpods - coming from various brands. The new OPPO Enco Free enters the market with a familiar-looking earpod design but the familiarity ends there. The OPPO Enco Free has a few original ideas that worked somewhat well.
Razer Hammerhead True Wireless

Review – Razer Hammerhead True Wireless: The AirPods clone for “gaming”

Razer is a renowned brand when it comes to the world of gaming. Razer has a bunch of gaming peripherals over the years - and some of them are exceptionally well, as reviewed on our partner site, Tech Critter. Now, Razer sets foot into the world of wireless audio - specifically gaming-centric true wireless audio. Hence, the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless was born.
realme Buds Air

Review – realme Buds Air

realme has been making waves in the market over the past few months. They also recently released the realme Buds Wireless - which is a neckband. It is only logical for realme's next audio product to be true wireless earphones - and here we have it. This is the realme Buds Air.
Ugreen True Wireless Earbuds

Review – Ugreen True Wireless Earbuds (CM338)

We've been big fans of Ugreen since many years ago. We use their cables, M.2 SSD enclosures, and even power banks - and now, Ugreen has their own True Wireless Earbuds. Wait, what?

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