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Lensgo 348C

Review – Lensgo 348C microphone: Taking the TWS idea to microphones

In our previous reviews - particularly about the 3 Samsung devices that were announced during the Unpacked of August 2021 - there were many comments regarding the microphone situation. Yes, I was holding a microphone in front of my mouth and that impacted how I present in the videos.
Ugreen HiTune X5

Review – Ugreen HiTune X5 TWS Earbuds

Introducing Ugreen's new pair of TWS earbuds - the HiTune X5. For the price of just RM199, what makes this pair of TWS earbuds special? Let's find out.
Comica VS09 TC

Review – Comica VS09 TC microphone: High quality audio on the go

Flagship smartphone cameras are excellent for vlogging days. The Galaxy S21 Ultra captures high-quality video at 4K 60fps via its selfie camera. While the built-in microphones are good, it's still not that satisfactory.
Jabra Evolve2 30

Review – Jabra Evolve2 30: Headset for calls and meetings

For SMEs or corporations that are looking for a headset for their employees to do meetings or calls, then you'll need headsets. Lots of them. The Jabra Evolve2 30 might be perfect for that situation too. It is highly customizable to whatever requirements you need.
Sudio Nio

Review + Discount Code – Sudio Nio: No frills, just good sound and good...

Sudio has been a maker of wireless audio devices for years now. Today we have the Sudio Nio - the company's latest true wireless earbuds that is surprisingly lower in price. So, let's take a look at the Sudio Nio.
1MORE Dual Driver ANC Pro Wireless Headphones

Unboxing & Review – 1MORE ANC Dual Driver ANC Pro Wireless Headphones

While neckbands aren't particularly sought-after these days because many people do like the new and fancy TWS instead. But, some of us still prefer neckbands because there's no chance of the neckband dropping into the drain or on the road.
OPPO Enco W51

Review – OPPO Enco W51: Good TWS with ANC in a budget

There are lots of TWS earbuds in the market right now - and this is the OPPO Enco W51. Its design is familiar yet different at the same time, but it offers a lot of premium features at a relatively low price. We did review the OPPO Enco Free about a year ago, and I absolutely loved that.
Huawei X Gentle Monster Eyewear 2

Overview – Huawei X Gentle Monster Eyewear 2: TWS in your eyeglasses

This is the second generation of the Huawei X Gentle Monster collaboration and it's also the (as far as I know) the one and only product series that combines TWS and glasses together. Essentially, you can listen to your glasses.
Edifier Hecate GM4

Is the Edifier Hecate GM4 TWS truly made for gaming?

What we have today is interesting. Edifier has been in the audio market for a long time. They've been selling speakers for many years - and I have a set of speaker from them that's more than a decade old. And today, we have the Edifier Hecate GM4 and they're claiming that it's made for gaming. Literally, that claim is on the box itself.

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