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Xiaomi Mi Wireless Fast Charger

Review – Xiaomi Mi Wireless Fast Charger: 20W wireless+ 27W wired charger

When the Mi 9 was first announced, Xiaomi also said that this phone can use their very own 20W fast wireless charger. It is also compatible with Xiaomi's new proprietary 27W fast wired charger. However, it's a piece of hardware that is really difficult to find here in Malaysia - but we got our hands on one.
Samsung Q900R 8K QLED TV 82-inches

Samsung Q900R: 82-inches of TV in 8K is beyond words

Since the race of highest resolution display was set in motion, we've been seeing higher and higher resolution displays popping out everywhere. Samsung has released its new Q900R series of TVs. This series of TV has a total of 7680x4320 in resolution, or 8K.
Xiaomi Yeelight

Review – Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb (aka Yeelight)

Today, we have with us a product that was on our radar for quite a long time. It's a product that goes by the name of Yeelight, but is officially known as the Mi LED Smart Bulb in Malaysia. Not sure why there is a name difference, but here's the gist of it.
Transcend 300S MicroSD card (TS128GUSD300S-A)

Review – Transcend 300S MicroSD (TS128GUSD300S-A) 128GB

While microSD cards are still dominating the market, the amount of choice can be quite jarring. Today, we have a special little microSD card in the labs - and that is the from the Transcend 300S series of microSD cards.
D-Link DWR-953 4G Router Modem

Review – D-Link DWR-953 4G Router Modem

A huge majority of the population needs internet connection these days. Not just on a fixed time of the day, but right on your fingertips that touches our smartphones. But what if you live at an area that does not have any optical fiber internet connection? Then we opt for the next best thing - 4G LTE. To propagate the 4G LTE connection to multiple devices at once, we have the D-Link DWR-953 4G router modem for the task.

Review – ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ: 4K HDR 144Hz Monitor With G-Sync For RM11k

During the ASUS monitor showcase not too long ago, we saw one monitor in particular that is ASUS's current best with top-of-the-line hardware built into a single monitor. That monitor is the ROG Swift PG27UQ - a 4K resolution monitor with 144Hz refresh rate with G-Sync, supports HDR and priced at RM10,999.
Cooler Master CM310

Review – Cooler Master CM310: Highly Affordable

We saw this mouse appearing first at Computex 2018 - and it's a mouse that we actually have in our test lab since then. The mouse is a testament to Cooler Master's change in direction - they're heading towards a direction where affordability is king while still having RGB flair with the Cooler Master CM310.
ZOWIE mouse header

Overview – Entire Family of ZOWIE Mouse For eSports; ZA, FK, EC-A & EC-B...

Today we have something out of the ordinary. When we were presented with all of ZOWIE's peripherals, we saw something that needs addressing. ZOWIE only has one keyboard in the market - and that's the Celeritas II that we reviewed here, but they have a total of 10 different mice. That's excluding the different colors that each of the mouse has. With the amount of ZOWIE mouse available in the market, I'm sure there are users who are overwhelmed - like us.
ZOWIE Celeritas II

Review – ZOWIE Celeritas II: Engineering Choices That Helps eSports Players

We've played with quite a fair amount of keyboards here at Nasi Lemak Tech - and we've come across many different switches that are available in the market. However, they're all binary switches - meaning they only turn on or off. ZOWIE, being an eSports-centric brand that they always have been, created the Celeritas II. It has a few interesting design choices - including the usage of Flaretech optical switches.

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