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Innergie C6 Duo

Review – Innergie C6 Duo Dual-USB-C Ports Power Adapter (International Travel Plugs)

You might think that all chargers are the same - but they're not. What we have here is the Innergie C6 Duo (Intl). This charger has a few special features - so let's see what's so special about it.
Ugreen 20W USB-C charger with Power Delivery

Review – Ugreen 20W USB-C charger with Power Delivery: Perfect for your iPhone

Since the new iPhone 12 series do not come with chargers, many people are seeking either an alternative or reusing their old chargers and old cables. But since Apple included a USB-C to Lightning cable, you might want to look for a new charger instead. A new charger that is capable of fast charging, and can last for years.
Ugreen 5-in-1 USB-C hub with HDMI + RJ45

Review – Ugreen 5-in-1 USB-C hub with HDMI + RJ45

Ugreen recently sent over a care package and inside, we have this new Ugreen 5-in-1 USB-C hub. After looking at Ugreen's website, there are two different versions of this hub. They're both still "5-in-1" and have the same size but comes with different ports.
j5create JVCU435

Review – j5create JVCU385 4K webcam with a remote control

In today's review, it's a little unusual. j5create sent over a 4K webcam that comes with a remote control that can go up to 5x digital zoom. Given this set of features, I think that the j5create JVCU385 is perfect for a certain group of users - especially for teachers and for whoever needs to do a presentation or show-and-tell kind of video call.
Machenike M830

Review – Machenike M830 wireless gaming mouse – Great option with a greater price

Machenike approached us about a month ago - and So this is a mouse that was sent to us a while ago - and we were intrigued. Machenike is a brand that I've heard and seen before - but no idea who they are.

Hands On: LUMOS Auro Home Cinema Smart Projector

The cinema industry has been heavily affected by COVID-19 pandemic. Even though we know online streaming services are still available, then again, the feeling of watching a huge silver screen and listening to the...

Review – ViewSonic M1 Plus G2 Smart LED Portable Projector

The lockdown has thought me one crucial lesson when you work from home - striking a balance between work and entertainment. I didn't realize that until my TV decided to break down and give...
GameSir X2 Type-C

Review – GameSir X2 Type-C: Magnificent accessory for mobile gamers

Over the past few months, mobile gaming has gotten a brand new hot game - Genshin Impact. I played that game with a few smartphones - including gaming smartphones - and the experience was dreadful because of its touchscreen controls. I just don't think that it's feasible to be played via a touchscreen - especially while trying to do precise aiming with an archer.
Samsung The Sero

How’s it like to use the Samsung The Sero TV with a phone?

Early this year during CES2020, Samsung announced The Sero. This TV comes with a funky design whereby it is meant to be placed on a floor, has a kickstand, and it also has a special feature - rotation. Yes, this TV rotates and is able to be used in both landscape and portrait mode.

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