ROG Flow X16
Redmi Watch 2 Lite

Review – Redmi Watch 2 Lite: Now with GPS

If you're looking for a budget smartband, then the Redmi Watch 2 Lite might be for you. This is a square-shaped watch that also happens to be a fitness band that looks awfully familiar to another smartband that we reviewed earlier this year.... hmmm...
Samsung Galaxy Watch4 44mm

Review – Samsung Galaxy Watch4 (44mm): Successor to the Active series

I mean, wow. Samsung had a lot of expectations prior to releasing the Galaxy Watch4 series of smartwatches as they've announced the merger between Samsung's and Google's smartwatch operating system.
Migrating from Galaxy Watch Active to Galaxy Watch4

How’s it like to upgrade from the Galaxy Watch Active to the Galaxy Watch4?

Since 2019, I was wearing the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. It's smart, sleek, and has a pretty decent battery life overall. I thoroughly enjoyed what the watch has to offer and now, I'm using it once again.
Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Review – Xiaomi Mi Band 6: The new fitness band champion

Xiaomi has been releasing fitness bands to the market at an affordable price for many years now. The Mi Band series has been getting upgrades throughout the years - and now we're at the 6th iteration of the Mi Band. So, let's take a look at it today.
Huawei Band 6

Review – Huawei Band 6: I’m liking it!

Here we have the new Huawei Band 6. It is a very nice watch in itself, and we're just going to briefly go through what to expect from the new Huawei Band 6.
Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Review – Samsung Galaxy SmartTag: More than just a tag

Samsung announced the Galaxy SmartTag alongside the Galaxy S21 series of smartphones. This device isn't given much attention - but I think it should. It's more than just a tag to locate stuff - and it's very well-made.
Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite

Review – Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite: A decent square-shaped fitness band

The Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite got a pretty stealthy announcement of its availability here in Malaysia a few days ago. We actually got this Mi Watch Lite a few days prior to the announcement, so now, we're going to share our experience with you.
Huawei Watch Fit

Review – Huawei Watch Fit: An actually good-looking fitness band but with a price...

Let's take a look at the brand new Huawei Watch Fit. This is the company's latest... fitness band? It's essentially a fitness band, but looks somewhat like a smartwatch.
Samsung Galaxy Watch3

Review – Samsung Galaxy Watch3 (45mm): It’s actually a big upgrade

Introducing, the brand new Galaxy Watch3. This is actually quite a highly-anticipated product as the original Galaxy Watch was announced 2 years ago. Remember, there's no Galaxy Watch2.

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