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Whether you enjoy battle royales like Fortnite or are waiting for the launch of the immersive multiplayer Star Citizen, you need a gaming rig capable of playing your favorite titles. Below, we look at some of the hardware and features you should be looking for in your next gaming computer.

Match Your Requirements

Not every game needs the latest graphics card and masses of RAM. If you play board games online against friends, you might benefit from a decent processor, but you don’t need much more. Similarly, if you play slots or table games at some of the trusted online casinos Malaysia, you can even play on a tablet or mobile phone. As Bintang Tiong points out, some casinos have downloadable apps while others work through mobile browsers, and these don’t need high-end gaming PCs. Otherwise, the most important components to consider when buying a gaming PC are:

  • CPU
  • GPU
  • Memory
  • RAM
  • Power
  • Cooling
  • Accessories


The CPU is the core of a gaming computer. Intel and AMD are the two main gaming processor brands, with Intel processors costing more but typically offering more power, and AMD providing good options for those on a budget. Most modern processors have between four and eight processors, with more cores enabling you to do more things at the same time. This is especially important if you’re going to have games, chat, streaming, and video editing software running at once. For the most demanding titles, such as recent AAA releases, you will need to opt for the most recent iterations of Intel’s processors. For older and less intensive titles, or if you’re playing at anonymous casino sites, you can go back a generation or opt for an AMD equivalent.


While CPU power is the first specification listed on a lot of computer listings, it is the GPR or video graphics card that is arguably the most important factor. It is also one of the most expensive components of a new rig. Consider the quality of the monitor you’ll be using when choosing a graphics card – a 4k monitor will need a top-end GPU, whereas a 1080p monitor will pair well with something less pricey. Intel processors are usually preferred for high-end performance, and the latest models are those that have the highest price tag and offer the best results. AMD processors are less expensive and while they won’t offer the very best performance, most games will scale down to offer good performance.


RAM is another important component in a gaming PC. You need to look at both RAM speed capacity and also RAM speed. Less than 16GB of RAM will leave some games running less than smoothly, although some budget gaming computers do come with just 8GB installed because it offers a way to cut costs in the build. As well as the capacity, speed does matter. Ensure RAM speed is 3,000MHz or higher to get the best in-game performance.


The hard drive is where games, system files, and saves are stored. Modern solid-state drives allow quicker reading and writing, which means games load more quickly. They also reduce screen load times, enabling a more seamless and immersive experience. Some systems have two drives – one solid state for storing important files, and a larger capacity hard drive for storing less important files. This is because solid drives are a lot more expensive, so it enables some financial savings.

Power And Cooling

One area of a gaming PC that should never be overlooked is the power unit and the cooling that is used in tandem with it. Every component attached to the motherboard needs power. If you buy a pre-built gaming PC it should come with an adequate power supply, but if you ever upgrade graphics cards, RAM, or other components, you need to know that the power system will be able to cope. And, with extra power comes greater heat production which, in turn, means your computer will need better cooling.


As well as the hardware, the quality and performance of accessories matter, too. The monitor needs to be high enough quality to benefit from a good graphics card, and it should at least be a comfortable size. The keyboard and mouse need to be comfortable, and responsive and have gaming features like macros and shortcuts. Even the look of the case matters, with options ranging from sleek and classic to bright and neon.

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