When it comes to smartphones these days, I have to say – color options are actually quite important. That’s why the OPPO R9s Black Edition exists.

Now, the most common question is this – what’s the classiest and sleekest color out there that can match any device or accessory that you carry around every day? It’s black. Ever heard of the phrase “insert blank here is the new black?” That’s because black can go well on anything.

OPPO R9s Black Edition

The OPPO R9s Black Edition is presumably still the same OPPO R9s that we’ve reviewed here, but got a completely different color finish. We can’t exactly tell what finish it has, but by the looks of it, matte might be the answer. OPPO claims that their logo is looking super fine now with its silver OPPO logo inlay now, and the six-string antenna is really looking fantastic here. It’s literally black on black – can’t get any more subtle than that!

Guess we’ll have to wait until 3rd May 2017 for more information regarding the OPPO R9s Black Edition. Stay tuned as we’ll update you with more information here!

[UPDATE]: New ambassador & pre-order details!

First off, the OPPO R9s is already quite crazy with their team of celebrity ambassadors. Yeah – it’s a team of them, consisting of Fattah Amin, Ayda Jebat, and Min Chen. Now, there’s another ambassador joining the team. However, we have no idea who she is, as we only have a silhouette image of her.

OPPO R9s Black Edition new ambassador

The OPPO R9s Black Edition will be available for pre-order starting this 3rd May 2017 till 9th May 2017 on OPPO Official Online Store, or OPPO Concept Stores nationwide.

We still don’t have the price, though. We’ll surely update you when we have it!

[UPDATE 2]: Here’s the new OPPO R9s Black Edition ambassador!

OPPO R9s Black Edition Neelofa
It’s Neelofa!

The OPPO R9s Black Edition will be officially announced later – so keep an eye out for our latest update!

[UPDATE 3]: The OPPO R9s Black Edition is open for pre-orders now, priced at RM 1,828

Also comes with an exclusive gift too! If you pre-order now, you’ll get the OPPO Now 2 Smart Band that’s worth RM199! The OPPO R9s Black Edition will officially go on sale nationwide starting on the 10th of May 2017. You can head over to OPPO’s Online Store to make your pre-orders now!

OPPO R9s Black Edition

For more information regarding this beautifully sleek smartphone, check out this link below. If you’d like to know what we think of the OPPO R9s, check out our full review here.

[UPDATE 4]: O-Fans are lining up before opening hours to get the OPPO R9s Black Edition!

It’s crazy – I know! People are literally queueing up outside of the OPPO Concept Stores and dealer stores to collect the OPPO R9s Black Edition that they’ve pre-ordered earlier.

The story behind the OPPO R9s Black Edition in the Malaysian market is certainly a thank you message from OPPO to all O-fans too. GFK reports that the OPPO R9s has taken up 32.8% market share in the price range of between RM1500-RM2000in the 1st quarter of 2017, and that’s a huge number considering there are literally thousands of other smartphones in the market today.

OPPO R9s Black Edition Lifestyle Image

In response to such a great reception in the market, OPPO brings in another colour option of the OPPO R9s – Black Edition. Here are more ways to get the brand new OPPO R9s Black Edition through telco partners.

  • Celcom
    • FIRST™ Platinum (30GB Free Weekend Internet + 30GB Weekday Internet): RM399 (Device Price)
    • FIRST™ Gold Plus (20GB Free Weekend Internet + 20GB Weekday Internet): RM899 (Device Price)
  • Maxis
    • MaxisONE plan 188 (25GB All-Day + 25GB 4G Weekend Data): RM899 (Upfront Payment)
    • MaxisONE plan 158 (20GB All- Day + 20GB 4G Weekend Data): RM1,031 (Upfront Payment)
    • MaxisONE plan 128 (15GB All-Day + 15GB 4G Weekend Data): RM1,311 (Upfront Payment)
  • Digi
    • Digi Postpaid 138 (12GB Internet + Free 12GB Weekend Internet): RM559 (Device Price)
    • Digi Postpaid 108 (9GB Internet + Free 9GB Weekend Internet): RM839 (Device Price)
    • Digi Postpaid 78 (6GB Internet + Free 6GB Weekend Internet): RM1,119 (Device Price)

I’m seriously still in love with the antenna lines – they’re very well hidden on this black body!

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