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I’m very sure that many people have heard and know of the name Lazada. It’s pretty much the household name for online shopping these days to the point where people go window shopping and search for better deals over at Lazada. Daily supplies and gadgets are bought from Lazada too. With so many customers heading over to Lazada to purchase items, it’s bound to have lots of sketchy deals. Lazada scam are on the rise!

This PSA is to ensure that our readers are aware of these scams and will not fall victim to these schemes.

Acer Nitro 5

There are a few distinct scam schemes that I want to highlight here. Without further ado, let’s begin. We’re splitting this Lazada scam PSA into two parts – one highlighting the different types of scams, and the second part on how to identify and avoid these scams.

Fake items

Firstly, fake items. I’m giving the sellers benefit of the doubt that they do not know these items are fake. The suppliers/manufacturers of these items are the scammers.

Lazada Scam microSD card

I have seen this type of scams way too much, and it’s not new or exclusive to Lazada either. These flash storage – be it USB drives or SD/microSD cards – have an exceedingly high capacity at a very low price. The price is actually way too low. Have you ever seen RM46.96 for a 128GB microSD card?

Lazada Scam microSD card

There’s one 512GB for RM45 too. Just wow.

Someone actually fell victim to these sorts of Lazada scam. I feel bad for this guy. He lost many of his pictures. Leaving the technical details aside on how this happens for now, there’s no way to retrieve these pictures. They’re lost forever.

Lazada Scam microSD card lost photos

Again, it’s not exclusive to microSD cards only. The same goes to headphones as well. Have a look at this.

Lazada Scam Major Marshall
From the KIOSO group. RM131.10 for a Marshall headphone!

Also, be careful when it comes to 2TB external hard disks like this one. Too cheap to be true. Has a few questionable descriptions, and horrendous reviews.

Lazada Scam external hard disks

Paying through other channels

Lazada is an e-commerce platform. How they earn is through commission per sales made through Lazada. All sales are monitored and in some ways, protected by Lazada in case of broken items, shipment issues, or item returns in general.

Credits to Kongsi Info Online Shopping Offers (KIOSO) and the good people there to dig up more information. Gurvin Abruzzi actually paid the scammer through Lazada. Smart move there, Gurvin. Paying through Lazada means he’s protected. Gurvin reassured us that Lazada is going to pay him back if the seller is not doing anything.

Lazada Scam Google Pixel 2 XL

Lazada Scam Google Pixel 2 XL

UPDATE: Lazada has refunded Gurvin!

Lazada just marked it as “out of stock” and refunded. That’s actually quite sad.

Lazada Scam Google Pixel 2 XL

It’s a new type of scam that’s just… Lots of helpful and friendly people there, and I highly recommend you to check it out.

I owe many of  the information here to the folks over at KIOSO. Thanks a bunch!

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