We here at Nasi Lemak Tech have tried quite a number of wireless earphones throughout our years and to no one’s surprise, these true wireless earphones are pretty expensive. Then comes the brand new Edifier TWS 2 that just dropped in our labs about 2 weeks ago. It is priced at only RM241.53 right now at their Lazada store.

With such a low price, how good is the Edifier TWS 2? Let’s find out in this review.

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The packaging is pretty simple, actually. The front of the box shows off the Edifier TWS 2 itself. The color of the unit itself is displayed at the left side of the box, though.

Edifier TWS 2

At the back is a short list of specs which you can also find out at Edifier’s own website.

Edifier TWS 2

Opening up the box reveals the Edifier TWS 2 itself. The earbuds themselves are in the cradle. Under the cradle is where we can find some other accessories like the micro USB charging cable and also the user manual.

Edifier TWS 2


The Edifier TWS 2 comes with the best features you can find on a true wireless earphones as well. With certified Bluetooth 5.0 support, you can use it one-sided too.

Edifier TWS 2

While using one-sided, you can even convert it to become a wireless Bluetooth headset as it has a microphone on both sides. Though, the microphone only works great at relatively quiet rooms as it is not exactly the best for picking up your voice because of the position of these microphones.

Edifier TWS 2

The Edifier TWS 2 will automatically connect with both the left and right side when it is taken out of the cradle, and automatically disconnects when placed back inside the cradle itself.

Edifier TWS 2

There are two battery indicators as well – one at the front of the case and one LED for each earbuds. The case has 3 levels of batteries displayed in bars when the case is opened and the earbuds battery levels are displayed on your phone when they are paired.

Sound quality

The Edifier TWS 2 actually has a pretty decent in terms of sound quality. Once again, Edifier has put more emphasis on the bass. For those who are actually listening to dance music like EDM, techno, or electronic, then this is suitable for your music taste.

Edifier TWS 2

We did realize that the sound quality did improve quite dramatically after some burn-in period with the Edifier TWS 2. When we first used it, the sound is a little muffled – but improved over time when we gave it a few hours of burn-in.

However, there was a particular reader (thank you!) that asked us if there is any audio delay when connected to an iPhone X – the answer is yes. There is a noticeable slight audio delay.

Battery life

Given that the Edifier TWS 2 are really tiny and lightweight, these two earbuds can last for about 3 hours on a full charge. While that might sound like a short time, the Apple Airpods are rated for up to 5 hours only – yet that have that extra tail-like structure.

Edifier TWS 2
The micro USB charging port is at the back of the cradle.

As for the case itself, the Edifier TWS 2’s cradle is actually pretty small in size and once again, lightweight because of its plastic construction. Though, do not let the lightweightedness fool you as you can charge the earbuds about 3 times. Pretty good for a daily commute type of usage.

Wrapping up the Edifier TWS 2 review

So what do we think about the Edifier TWS 2? For such a low price, it is a good deal. The features packed in this true wireless earphones are top notch. I definitely can see myself wearing it one-sided only and use it as a Bluetooth earpiece.

Edifier TWS 2

They are very comfortable and fits in my ear nicely, and it never once showed signs of wanting to fall out. Yet with its lightweight build, my ears felt as if I was not wearing anything during my testing period.

The sound quality it produces is decent enough for day-to-day use. It is not the most fantastic pair of earbuds ever, but it is indeed the most budget-friendly one out there for just the price of RM241.53. Fantastic value.

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