In today’s trends, nearly everyone’s gaming or streaming setup needs a microphone. As we all have heard, communication is key. Either we’re on a Facebook Messenger or a competitive match in Overwatch, a microphone with superb clarity is always needed. The Gaming Freak Chanter is a desktop microphone – but one that’s pretty much unheard of.

Let’s take a deep dive on what the Gaming Freak Chanter offers, and how it performs.

Of course, since this is indeed a microphone, we made a review video of the Gaming Freak Chanter instead. That way we can show and test everything the Gaming Freak Chanter has to offer.


Pretty simple box. It opens sideways rather then from the top – which is a brilliant move.

Gaming Freak Chanter

Opening the flap reveals the microphone itself sitting in a foam padded plastic shell that protects the microphone from excessive shock and scratches. Another brilliant move from Gaming Freak.

Digging everything out reveals only the necessary accessories needed to get started are included.

You get a bunch of parts to assemble the stand and mount the Gaming Freak Chanter, and a USB 2.0 uplink cable to connect it to your computer. It’s definitely fast and easy to setup, but I do wish that Gaming Freak included a shock mount.

Gaming Freak Chanter
The USB uplink port is at the bottom of the Gaming Freak Chanter.


As the Gaming Freak Chanter has a cardioid pickup pattern, you’ll have to align the front of the microphone with your mouth so it can pick your voice up properly.

Gaming Freak Chanter

The microphone is rather simple – it has a gain knob at the front which can be pressed to mute or unmute the microphone. If the LED is blue, that means it’s muted.

Behind the Gaming Freak Chanter is where an audio jack is found. This audio jack can be used in two modes – monitoring or music mode. Monitoring mode is mostly used if you want to hear yourself while speaking so that you know when to speak louder or softer. The music mode is actually a passthrough mode.

Gaming Freak Chanter

Overall, no complaints about its features. It’s more than enough, and it functions as intended. The only one minor improvement I’d like to see is both the audio jack and the audio mode switch to be moved to the front for easy access.


Once the microphone is connected, it can be used right away. After a little bit of testing on the audio gain, I began doing some tests. I tried Facebook Messenger and called a friend. We were pretty much surprised instantly by how great it sounded!

Gaming Freak Chanter

I highly recommend you to watch the video and listen to how good it sounds. The entire video is recorded using the Gaming Freak Chanter, actually!

Compared to my current microphone setup, the Gaming Freak Chanter performs way too good.

However, as the microphone is placed on the table, I have to resist any sort of typing as the Gaming Freak Chanter will pick up all of my typing noises. Again, an included shock mount will definitely fix this – but alas, it is not included. Those “universal shock mounts” won’t fit the Gaming Freak Chanter too as the Chanter is actually very girthy.

Wrapping up the Gaming Freak Chanter review

I think that the Gaming Freak Chanter is one microphone that slips through the crowded market. It’s a great microphone for YouTubers, streamers, and gamers. For a price of RM299 only, the Gaming Freak Chanter is the one microphone that you should get.

Gaming Freak Chanter

Seriously, it’s good.

You can get it over at Lazada now for lower than RM299, actually. 😉

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