Neffos, the smartphone subsidiary of TP-Link, just had an event called the Summer Launch Party 2018 – which showcases all of the latest smartphones. One of it is the Neffos X9 – it’s a smartphone that has quite a familiar look and with budget-oriented specs.

Exactly how does it perform? We’ll find out in our review here.

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED


A simple box but rather thick compared to other smartphones in the market. At the front you do get a full front view of what the phone will look like.

Neffos X9

At the back, there’s nothing much other than a quick rundown of the specs and what’s included in the box.

Neffos X9

Opening the box reveals the accessories box first. Again, it’s a good move to prevent damages on the phone itself as this box can dampen the force.

Under the box reveals the Neffos X9 itself. At the bottom we can see the charger, micro USB cable, and also the earphones. The earphones oddly resembles the Apple Earpods as well.

Neffos X9

Digging out everything that’s included in the box, you get the Neffos X9 itself, a clear TPU case, a film screen protector that you’ll need to apply yourself, a micro USB cable, charger, earphones, and some documentation. Pretty good in terms of the accessories included.

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