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Introducing, the Poco F2 Pro. Actually, I don’t think we need to introduce this phone since it’s a highly-anticipated smartphone that continues the legacy of the Pocophone F1 – or does it? 🤔

Either way, I’ve been using the Poco F2 Pro for about 2 weeks now, and here are my thoughts about this brand new “flagship killer” and we’ll focus on 6 different points.

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Let’s start off with performance since that’s the reason why this phone is so highly-anticipated in the first place. There are some differences in specs depending on which configuration you’re getting – but the one we have here is this:

  • 6.67-inch
    • AMOLED screen
    • 2400×1080 pixels
    • 60Hz
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset
  • 6GB RAM
  • 128GB of UFS 3.0 storage
  • 4,700mAh battery

Now, let’s dive into the benchmarks. There’s absolutely zero explanation needed here since this phone is obviously going to have more or less the same scores as any other phones with the Snapdragon 865 chipset.

Poco F2 Pro 3DMark benchmark Poco F2 Pro VRMark benchmark Poco F2 Pro Geekbench 4 benchmark Poco F2 Pro Antutu 7 benchmark

And obviously, with this list of specs, the Poco F2 Pro can handle all games without any issue. We also have another video focusing on 4 different games played on the Poco F2 Pro.


I don’t know about you, but I think the screen is good. It reminds me of the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro – which is still a very good phone if you’re planning to buy it today – which comes no notches. It’s using a popup selfie camera, which means this phone is definitely not IP-rated.

Poco F2 Pro

Either way, the screen looks great and I’m pretty happy with how everything looks on this phone. It’s sharp, vibrant, colors are great, and most importantly – it can go really bright or really dim too.

Poco F2 Pro

While many people complained about it being a 60Hz screen, I’ll say it’s not an issue at all. Honestly, I don’t care about high refresh rates on a phone. While there are many games that support more than 60Hz, I want my battery life.


Speaking of battery life, the Poco F2 Pro is actually very good in terms of battery life. That 4,700mAh battery can last for more than 18 and a half hours in our battery life test. How does it last longer than the Black Shark 3 that also has a 4,720mAh battery? I don’t know – maybe it’s because a single-cell battery is more efficient than a dual-cell battery.

Poco F2 Pro battery life benchmark

But the charging time is not as good as the Black Shark 3, as it takes slightly more than an hour to charge from 15% to 100% with its 33W charger.

Poco F2 Pro fast charging benchmark


There are a few different color options for the Poco F2 Pro – Cyber Grey, Phantom White, Electric Purple, and Neon Blue. I’ve seen both the Electric Purple and Neon Blue before and what’s funny is that the Electric Purple version comes in a matte finish whereby the Neon Blue has a clear finish. While the Neon Blue is my personal favorite color, I much prefer it if everything is matte, honestly.

Poco F2 Pro

Many people saw this phone and said that its color is beautiful and wanted to hold it for a moment – and the first thing they said was “it’s unexpectedly heavier than it looks”. That’s kinda correct and this phone is also top-heavy. There’s a constant rotational force when I’m holding it.

Poco F2 Pro

Either way, the Poco F2 Pro has a pretty standard smartphone design with a large circular camera cutout. There’s also an IR blaster and headphone jack at the top – thank you – and the dual nano SIM card slot is at the bottom. It’s using this kind of design to take up the minimum amount of space while providing dual SIM support.


This Poco F2 Pro has the typical quad-camera setup at the back but only three of them are usable. Seriously, the depth sensor is kinda wasted if you don’t use the portrait mode. Anyway, here’s the list of cameras found at the back of the Poco F2 Pro:

  • Main: 64MP f/1.9 with PDAF
  • Telephoto-macro: 5MP f/2.2 with AF
  • Ultra-wide angle: 13MP f/2.4
  • Depth sensor

Poco F2 Pro

And if you want to look at all the pictures, watch our video review at the top of this article.

Overall, the picture looks great broad daylight but could use a little more contrast and color vividness. Currently, it’s dull. I also disable HDR since it makes the shadows brighter, but that’s it. In low-light conditions, the HDR mode failed to normalize the exposure of the signboard.

The AI mode is quite weird. In broad daylight, it seems to do nothing to the picture. But for some reason, it just brings up way too much noise in low-light conditions. So, I disabled the AI too.

But the macro surprised me the most. I had the most fun with the telephoto-macro camera and I took a bunch of close-ups – because I love textures. And the results come out fantastically!

However, the auto mode macro mode is kind of a hit and miss. It can be noisy sometimes. And since there’s no stabilization, it’s difficult to stay still to capture a sharp image.

Luckily, there’s also manual mode for macro camera too. Since we updated to MIUI 12, it also comes with a new revamped camera UI. It’s very similar to Samsung’s camera interface in terms of how interactive it can be. And the camera UI is also customizable, like Samsung’s camera app.

Software – Android 10 with MIUI 12

To get this new camera interface, we updated the Poco F2 Pro to the latest MIUI 12. And we were greeted with the new Super Wallpapers that represent parts of Earth and Mars accurately. I love it.

Poco F2 Pro

MIUI 12 in general, is like a facelift when comparing against MIUI 11. There are flashier animations here and there, but generally still looks and feels pretty much the same. The settings menu is still as messy as before, which I just too tired to complain about it anymore.

Should you buy the Poco F2 Pro?

Well… I mean, if you want the best specs and insists on getting a smartphone with a Snapdragon 865 today, then the Poco F2 Pro is definitely the phone to get. It’s the most affordable smartphone with Snapdragon 865 and it can take fantastic macro photos too.

Other than that, the Poco F2 Pro is… pretty much like any other smartphones in the market. The software can still be improved, but MIUI 12 is a step in the right direction, kind of.

And again, if you want the best specs and don’t care about everything else – get the Poco F2 Pro. This is a much better deal than its competitors.

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