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We’re at the end of the ROG Phone 6 week – and we’re ending it with the full review of the phone, plus its accessories. We’ve talked about the phone’s performance, features that elevate our gaming experience, the accessories that gave us physical buttons while lowering the temperature, a controller that looks and works like the Nintendo Joy-Con, and also the overpriced official glass screen protector accessory. Of course, let’s not forget about the bikini cases that protect the ROG Phone 6.

You can watch each of those videos in the playlist but within those videos, we still have many details regarding the ROG Phone 6 that we have not talked about. That is why we are doing this review. So, let’s begin.

Acer Nitro 5

Two variants; same performance

The ROG Phone 6 comes in a Pro and non-Pro variant. Technically, they’re the same in terms of performance.

ROG Phone 6 review

The one we have here is the ROG Phone 6 Pro – and I’ll most probably refer to it as the ROG Phone 6 only. The “Pro” means it has the highest amount of RAM, the highest amount of storage, and also a frosted glass back with the ROG Vision screen.

ROG Phone 6 briefing


I honestly like the aesthetic of this frosted glass finish. It looks amazing and feels amazing to touch since it doesn’t get any fingerprints at all, but it is also extremely slippery.

ROG Phone 6 review

And I guess this is where we should talk about the lighting configurations on the ROG Phone 6. We have the “DARE TO PLAY” slogan on top that is lit up in RGB too. However, there isn’t a color cycling mode so it’s always on a single color only.

ROG Phone 6 review

Exclusive only for the ROG Phone 6 Pro, is the ROG Vision screen which reminds me of the ASUS Zenbook 14X OLED Space Edition with the ZenVision. I mean, the screen is smaller on the ROG Phone 6, but it has colors. And it is customizable via the Armoury Crate software too. There are many different presets to choose from and we can even use our own custom image to do it.


ROG Phone 6 reviewSoftware – very stock Android

And now, let’s talk about the software side of things. The ROG Phone 6 runs on Android 12 which is very close to stock Android. There are a few customizations and additional apps here and there – like the Armoury Crate. However, the Armoury Crate software is getting more and more hectic as there are many different features packed inside.

ROG Phone 6 review

We have the RGB customization, the “DARE TO PLAY” customization, the ROG Vision customization, and even the AeroActive Cooler 6 configuration in the same app as well. I mean, it’s great to have an all-in-one app but it’s just cluttered now.

ROG Phone 6 review

The new Game Genie got an update in terms of UI as well. All of the features are still the same, it’s just a little facelift that I think is much more informative compared to the previous UI.


But as for the screen, it’s the same size of 6.78-inch with a resolution of 2448×1080 pixels – just the same as last year, but it is now capable of going all the way up to 165Hz refresh rate.

ROG Phone 6 review

In terms of color accuracy, it’s actually more or less on par with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It covers 99.65% of sRGB and 97.64% of DCI-P3 color gamuts. The maximum Delta E is slightly high as it can reach 2.49 but honestly speaking, it doesn’t matter since no one will realize it.

ROG Phone 6 review

The maximum brightness of the screen is about 560 nits on our unit – and I think that’s pretty decent. Might struggle a little during an extremely sunny day, but nothing too major.

ROG Phone 6 review


If you want to know more about the speakers – then here is a quick recording. Honestly, the speakers sound as great as ever since the ROG is the only phone manufacturer that still retains true front-facing stereo speakers.

ROG Phone 6 review


With great front-facing stereo speakers means that we need good performance to complement the experience. With the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 (which is a stupid name since everyone is going to call it Snapdraong 8 Gen 1+) is surprisingly good.

Remember, the ROG Phone has something called “X Mode” that levels up the performance. When we’re using it in X Mode, this chipset can run Genshin Impact v2.7 at the highest graphical settings at 60fps. Remember, version 2.7 of the game is the one that had some optimizations.

ROG Phone 6 review

Still, the chipset is going to heat up a lot. During our gaming test, the phone reports 48°C whereby our thermal camera reports 44°C in the middle of the screen – because that is where the SoC is located – and the back is about 38°C. It’s definitely hot, but it’s not crazy hot.

ROG Phone 6 review

Gaming features

As for the features that elevates our gaming experience, the ROG Phone 6 still retains the same capacitive AirTriggers which I personally don’t prefer since I prefer physical triggers on the Black Shark phones, but the ROG Phone 6 has crazy accessories like the AeroActive Cooler 6 that adds 4 more buttons for us to use while gaming.

ROG Phone 6 review

We did an in-depth review of the AeroActive Cooler 6 – so I highly recommend you watch that video instead.

We can also use the ROG Kunai 3 Gamepad to play games as well – and we’ve also talked about it in our other video.

Battery life

But that aside, how’s the battery life of the ROG Phone 6? With its 6,000mAh battery, it should last long even with its ROG Vision and lots of bright RGB shining all the time, right? Yes, you are. It lasts for nearly 11.5 hours in our PCMark battery life test at 100 nits of brightness. That’s actually fantastic.

ROG Phone 6 review

Charging speed

The charging speed though, is gonna be tricky. ROG included a 65W charger inside the box and this phone charges via USB-PD PPS as well so we can just use our Ugreen 100W GaN charger and get the exact same charging speed.

ROG Phone 6 review

We did our usual charging test and it takes nearly 34 minutes to charge from somewhere around 16% to 100% of battery.

Since the ROG Phone 6 has another USB-C port at the side, I decided to redo the charging test but with that side port. And there is practically no difference in terms of charging speed.

ROG Phone 6 review

However, what if we charge the phone while the AeroActive Cooler 6 is attached and the RGB is blasting brightly? I did that test too – and the charging speed clearly took a slight dip but it’s nothing major.

ROG Phone 6 review

A few more misc. things to mention

Oh, by the way – the ROG Phone 6 is now IPX4 rated and it also has an audio jack.

ROG Phone 6 review

The latter point is crucial since this is a gaming phone – an audio jack is important because I don’t want to deal with audio delay.

ROG Phone 6 review
Audio jacks are important for gaming.

Also, the side USB-C port can be used for HDMI output too – just like every other ROG Phones that were released previously.

Should you buy the ROG Phone 6?

Oof, so that’s all about the phone. In itself, the phone is rather boring, in my opinion. There’s really nothing groundbreaking compared to last year’s ROG Phone 5 and all of the upgrades that we got are expected – nicer cameras, upgraded chipset, and some updates on the aesthetics.

ROG Phone 6 review

The accessories though, are funky. We have all the accessories on the phone here – except for the Cetra TWS earbuds. That is not a part of the accessories pack but it’s still heavily related to ROG.

ROG Phone 6 review

I am personally most interested in the AeroActive Cooler 6 but due to its awkard shape, it’s pretty difficult to use.

ROG Phone 6 AeroActive Cooler 6

The Devil Case Lite Guardian though, is a fantastic phone case. It provides protection while able to show off the phone’s beauty at the same time – but the AeroActive Cooler 6 cannot be used in tandem with this case.

ROG Phone 6 review

The Kunai 3 Gamepad is the same as before but in white color now. I mean, they do feel good to use but all of the issues from the previous generations are also brought over to this white color version. And it still can’t be used with PCs.

The screen protector is still an expensive mess – and I just don’t recommend that.


However, the ROG Phone 6 itself is interesting in terms of price. At the starting price of RM3,599, I think it is very compelling given that the Black Shark 5 Pro with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, not the Plus, is starting at RM100 more expensive than the ROG Phone 6. Of course, the version of the ROG Phone 6 that we have here is the ROG Phone 6 Pro, which only means it has the most amount of storage and RAM and it looks different.

ROG Phone 6 briefing

And that concludes our whole week of ROG Phone 6 content. This was prepared and filmed 1 week in advance and I truly appreciate it if you like, and share this video, and also watch our entire playlist of all the other videos regarding the ROG Phone 6. Of course, continuing our yearly tradition, we’re going to do another ROG Phone 6 vs Black Shark 5 Pro video. Coming soon™.

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