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Earlier this year, Samsung released its new A-series of smartphones, We reviewed the Galaxy A72 – which was already near perfection – and then there’s the Galaxy A52. This Galaxy A52 is available in two very different variants.

We have the Galaxy A52 – which we have reviewed – and the Galaxy A52 5G which is essentially an “enhanced” version of the Galaxy A52.

That was a bit confusing to me, honestly. Having two very different variants of the Galaxy A52 created a divide amongst potential customers. But, the Galaxy A52s – released about 6 months after the original Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A52 5G – seeks to remedy this confusion by consolidating both the variants into one phone, and sprinkling some extras on top.

What’s new and what’s changed? Let’s find out.


The Galaxy A52s has the exact same design as the Galaxy A52 and the Galaxy A72 from half a year ago. It still uses a matte plastic back but from what I’ve felt with my own fingertips, the Galaxy A52s is not as rough.

Samsung Galaxy A52s

And it is also available in a few different colors – my favorite being the new mint color. Unfortunately, we only got the white version.


Moving on – the screen. Honestly, they just reused the screen from the Galaxy A52 5G. It’s the same 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen with 120Hz refresh rate and the resolution of 2400×1080. It looks awesome just like before, and it looks awesome now too.

Samsung Galaxy A52s

One thing I want to point out is that the Galaxy A52s still comes with a pre-installed screen protector out of the box, and the selfie camera cutout is tiny.

Samsung Galaxy A52s


The cameras are also the same as before – we have a total of 4 different cameras but technically only two of them are usable to take pictures.

Samsung Galaxy A52s

In terms of picture quality, I’d say they all look just like the Galaxy A52 that we reviewed earlier this year. It still takes good pictures with the main and ultrawide angle cameras.

So, to have a look at all the pictures taken with the Samsung Galaxy A52s, watch our video at the top of this review.

For all I can say, the Samsung Galaxy A52s comes with OIS and I think that is underappreciated. Many phones at this price point do not come with OIS.

Having OIS really is a big deal since the recorded video doesn’t have those weird warping like EIS does.


Alright, the performance. This is the one part that the Galaxy A52s got the biggest upgrade over both the Galaxy A52 4G and 5G variants. It is now packing the Snapdragon 778G chipset with 8GB RAM and 256GB of storage – and it can perform really well.

While playing Genshin Impact, we can get about 45 to 50 FPS at the highest graphical settings and I think that’s just impressive. The temperature is also very low too – at only about 44°C max.

Battery & charging

The battery is a relatively big 4,500mAh battery and it can definitely last throughout a day’s use with no problems even at 120Hz refresh rate, given that there is no intense gaming is involved.

Samsung Galaxy A52s

As for the charging times, it’s a little weird. Samsung is being Samsung again and they only included a 15W charger inside the box and it takes like 93 minutes to charge from 15% to 100%.

But, the Galaxy A52s actually supports up to 25W charging – and since it supports USB-PD PPS standards, we can just plug it into our Ugreen charger and it manages to charge from 15% to 100% in slightly less than an hour.

Samsung Galaxy A52s

Software – One UI 3.1

As for the software side of things, I think you already know – Samsung’s One UI is my personal choice when it comes to a smartphone UI and all of the features that I use are found in the Galaxy A52s too. Edge panel, Samsung Pay, and the recent addition – Bixby Routines – are also here.

Samsung Galaxy A52s
Bixby Routines is really powerful!

Plus, the Galaxy A52s is also included in Samsung’s promise of providing 3 Android version upgrades and 4 years of security updates, just like the flagship Galaxy S and Z series.

Samsung Galaxy A52s

Oh, by the way, the most recent update for Samsung devices brought a new feature called RAM Plus. It’s technically virtual RAM and it allocates a part of your internal storage and treat it as RAM. It’s not going to be as fast as the real RAM, and I don’t think you’re going to need it since the Galaxy A52s already comes with 8GB of RAM. Come on.

Samsung Galaxy A52s

Misc. things worth mentioning

The Galaxy A52s still comes with the features that many of us still love – headphone jack, microSD card slot, and most importantly of all is IP67-rating.

What more can you ask from a mid-range smartphone?


So, finally the Samsung Galaxy A52s’s pricing. We only have one configuration here in Malaysia – and it’s the 8GB RAM + 256GB storage version and it is priced at RM1,899. I think this price is quite hefty and Samsung should’ve brought in the 6GB RAM + 128GB storage if there is one, and price it somewhere like RM1599 or something. That would be fantastic.Samsung Galaxy A52s

But, just when I thought that the Galaxy A52s is already expensive, we have some even more expensive phones like the HONOR 50 (review) that is priced at RM1,999 but offers less. In comparison, the Galaxy A52s is quite okay in terms of pricing. You do get what you’re paying for.

However, there is another argument to be made when we bring the Galaxy S20 FE (model SM-G780G) into the equation. It’s technically the 4G version of the Galaxy S20 FE that we reviewed last year.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
It’s technically the 4G version of this phone.

The Galaxy S20 FE 4G is currently only priced at RM1,999 but comes with the Snapdragon 865 chipset with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. I mean, the only disadvantage of getting the Galaxy S20 FE is because of its age. Since the Galaxy S20 FE is already a year old, buying it now only means there are 2 more versions of Android upgrades and 3 years of security patches left.

So, it depends on what you want. I honestly can’t pick between the Galaxy A52s and the Galaxy A72. I love having a usable telephoto camera instead of a depth sensor on my phone, but the Galaxy A52s does offer much more performance than the Galaxy A72.

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