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When it comes to budget Android tablets, we don’t really have that many choices. The new Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 seeks to remedy that. At the price of RM999, this tablet sits on the fine line between the entry-level and mid-range.

So, let’s talk about this tablet today.

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For this tablet, I want to manage expectations first and begin by highlighting the specs. This tablet comes with a fairly interesting set of specs. It comes with a Unisoc Tiger T618 chipset and also 3GB of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 2022

Now, the overall performance coming out of the tablet is something that I’ll consider to be decent enough for some social media scrolling, some web-browsing, checking emails or just a YouTube or Netflix machine in general.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 2022

You still can play some games and I did install Genshin Impact on this tablet – but it immediately ran out of space since it only has 32GB of storage, and the game was literally a slideshow and crashed frequently.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 2022

Of course, with 3GB RAM means multitasking is mostly impossible – that includes playing music on Spotify while scrolling through Facebook and tapping on links to be opened on Chrome, for example.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 2022

It’s also good enough for online classes and reading books – because the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is using a 10.5-inch screen that has a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels. There’s also a pretty good bezel size around the screen so that I can grab the tablet without accidentally touching the screen.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 2022

Again, in the usual Samsung fashion, anything that is not AMOLED will be labeled as “TFT”. This tablet is using an IPS LCD screen and we know that because of its viewing angles. But, from what we can see, it’s a pretty low-grade screen. By just looking at it with our own eyes, we can tell that the whitepoint is bluish in color, and the colors overall are a little washed out.

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