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Another year, a new Galaxy Z Flip4! While it looks the same as the previous generation, does it offer enough upgrades under the hood to make it worth the upgrade? Honestly, I’d say it does – somewhat. Depending on your priorities, that is.

The Galaxy Z Flip4 is a very straightforward smartphone and it’s definitely not as complicated as the Galaxy Z Fold4 – which you can check out the review at the top right corner because it does share some similarities with this Z Flip4.

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Okay, let’s start with the design. The most apparent change here is that the top and bottom parts of the phone – I don’t know what to call it – the purple-colored parts of the phone – are now made out of a matte finish. The hinge cover is now also in a metallic finish – just like the Galaxy Z Flip4.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review

And we should also highlight the vast variety of colors available of the Galaxy Z Flip4 that you can choose from. We have the 4 main colors – the Bora Purple that we have here, the usual Graphite, Pink Gold, and Blue.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

And for the first time here in Malaysia, we can order the Bespoke Edition as well!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review

There are 5 colors for the top, the same 5 color choices for the bottom, and 3 colors for the frame. In total, we have 75 unique different color combinations to choose from – but we’ll have to shell out another RM200 to enjoy the Bespoke Edition customization.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review

If you’re thinking of using all the phone cases from the Galaxy Z Flip3, I don’t think it’ll work. Samsung manages to shave off millimeters off the phone’s length and width – particularly with the screen’s frame. I mean, you can see that the edge of the top and bottom part of the phone is now thinner than before.

I also realized that the overall geometry of the Galaxy Z Flip4 is boxier. And that brings me to the cover display.

Cover display

Because of the boxier design, the curvature of the screen’s edge is also less, making it easier to find and apply screen protectors. The overall shape and size of the cover display remain the same as before, and the resolution is also identical.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review

The features available on the cover screen got an upgrade here, so we can read notifications and reply to them via preset messages, add widgets to the cover display so we can quickly access them like how smartwatches work. One of my new favorite features is to add the Samsung SmartThings widget so I can quickly toggle my smarthome shortcuts directly on the cover display.

Of course, we can also swipe down to access a bunch of quick settings like WiFi, mute or silence the phone, toggle Bluetooth or airplane mode, and even to quickly access the torchlight.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review

We also have quick access to Samsung Pay by just swiping from the bottom on the cover display. Really convenient.


And I also realized that the hinge of the device is a little stiffer and has a larger gap compared to the Z Flip3. I think that’s an okay thing to do since it alleviates the curvature to mitigate material fatigue.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review

With this new hinge design, I also found out that the crease is less noticeable too.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review


Once we open up the device, we have the same 6.7-inch Foldable Dynamic AMOLED 2X display with up to 120Hz refresh rate. This time, it can also go down to 1Hz to conserve battery.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review

But, the specs sheet doesn’t convince me so I took out our colorimeter to test it out. From what we can find out, this phone covers virtually 100% of sRGB and DCI-P3 color gamuts. That’s amazing.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review

However, I realized that when we disabled automatic screen brightness, one new option appears. It’s called “extra brightness”. Turning this feature on, the Galaxy Z Flip4’s screen can go all the way up to 750 nits of brightness. That is extremely bright and this means you can definitely use this phone outdoors under direct sunlight. It’s crazy bright.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review


So, what else got an upgrade on the Galaxy Z Flip4? Obviously, the chipset. Powered by the new Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, the Galaxy Z Flip4 can actually play Genshin Impact at a relatively high frame rate at the maximum graphical settings.

I mean, I’m definitely impressed since this phone is not meant for gaming – but it can definitely be used for gaming if you want to. Just remember to enable the “alternate game performance management” option in the Game Launcher.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review

The temperature of the device though, is definitely a bit higher than expected. Our thermal camera measured about 41°C at the top side of the device but a lot lower temperature on the bottom side. That is to be expected since the chipset is located at the top side of the phone, beside the camera module.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review

What mesmerized me is the thermal camera showing the stark contrast of temperature between the two halves of the Galaxy Z Flip4. I don’t know why that made me smile, but it did.

Battery life

With a new chipset on the Galaxy Z Flip4 means better battery life, right? Actually, not so much. The longer battery life mostly comes from the battery capacity upgrade from 3,300mAh to a larger 3,700mAh. Tested at 100 nits of brightness using the PCMark battery life test, the Galaxy Z Flip4 can last for 10 hours and 20 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review

Since our battery life testing methodology is the same since last year, we can use back the data from the Galaxy Z Flip3 as a reference. The Galaxy Z Flip3 lasted for 8 hours and 32 minutes.

If we do some quick math, we can calculate that the increase in battery capacity drastically improved the battery life of the device. The new chipset definitely helped, but not as much as others claimed to be.

Anyway, with that 10 hours and 20 minutes result from the PCMark battery life test, I’d say you will need to be thrifty while using the device. Else, that 3,700mAh can’t last throughout the day.

Charging speed

Oh – then the charging speed. The Galaxy Z Flip4 now supports 25W of fast charging which is definitely a nice upgrade and our test reports that it charges from 15% to 100% battery in about 75 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review

This charging time is actually the same as the Galaxy Z Flip3’s 15W charging speed but considering that we now have a 3,700mAh battery, yeah it’s an upgrade.


What remains more or less similar to the previous generation are the camera megapixel count and lens aperture. There are some tweaks made to the main camera’s sensor and lens focal length but I think we should look at the result instead of diving into the technical specs.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review

To have a look at all the pictures taken with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, watch our video at the top of this review.


Let’s not forget about the software. I mean, it’s kinda the same across the flagship Samsung devices. The Galaxy Z Flip4, since it’s a foldable device, does come with Flex Mode as well. It works just like before and that’s about it.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review

We do have a new split-screen feature that we can enable in the Labs menu. Just use two fingers and swipe up from the bottom, and we can select a second app at the bottom.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review

There is also a floating window menu that can easily be triggered by just swiping the app from the top right corner.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review

I honestly think that the Galaxy Z Fold4’s software got a much bigger change since Android 12L or Android 12.1 for that matter – is made to enhance the user experience on foldables and tablets only.

A few more things to mention

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is still IPX8-rated, so we can dunk the entire device into the water (please be aware of the risks involved).

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review

However, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is still using a USB 2.0 port at the bottom of the phone, which means no Samsung DeX or HDMI output over USB-C.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review


And as for the conclusion – I think it’s the same sentiment as the Galaxy Z Fold4.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review

For us here in Malaysia, the price has increased by RM100 from last year and I think that’s perfectly fine because we here in Malaysia got two huge perks:

  • 1 extra year of warranty
  • 3x inner screen’s film protector replacement for free

I think that the biggest concern when it comes to foldable devices like this is reliability and what can we do if something happens to it. With Samsung’s extra year of warranty – I think it truly instills confidence in many potential customers.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review

I’d say if you’re already eyeing to enter the world of the Galaxy Z Flip series of smartphones, this is the perfect time to get the Galaxy Z Flip4.

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