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This is the Samsung Soundbar Q800B – Samsung’s middle child in their lineup of soundbars. It does come with a bunch of features and today, we’re going to talk about it and see if it’s worth the price.

I have no idea why you’re reading a soundbar review since you can’t hear anything from texts, so watch our video instead.

For soundbars, we have reviewed a few of them before – mostly from Sonos. Surprisingly, the Sonos Beam Gen 2 combined with either the Sonos Sub or Sub Mini offers a comparable experience with this Samsung Soundbar Q800B.

Samsung Soundbar Q800B HW-Q800B

So essentially, this soundbar has a soundbar – obviously – and a subwoofer that combines to give a 5.1.2 channel sound. 5 for the sides, 1 subwoofer, and 2 more speakers to produce sound coming from the top by reflecting off the ceiling.

Samsung Soundbar Q800B HW-Q800B

Aesthetically, this speaker is very minimalist and surprisingly thin. The whole thing is covered in mesh and that is because there are speakers covering the front and top of the soundbar.

Samsung Soundbar Q800B HW-Q800B

The subwoofer is a fairly standard cuboid-shaped box and it’s surprisingly thin and small. The soundbar also connects to the soundbar wirelessly so you can actually place the subwoofer directly below your butt if you want to. But, I have seen many reviews on Samsung’s own product page saying that the bass is lacking – and I’ll be the judge of that.

Samsung Soundbar Q800B HW-Q800B

There is also an option to tune the soundbar’s woofer. We have a few levels to select from and I’ll have a sound comparison later too.

Samsung Soundbar Q800B HW-Q800B

Samsung also says that this is the “world’s first built-in wireless Samsung Smart TV-to-soundbar Dolby Atmos connection”. It connects via WiFi so you need a strong connection to use this feature. There are a few more caveats. Only a few Samsung TVs can use this feature, and you also need source content that supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

Samsung Soundbar Q800B HW-Q800B

Samsung also states that this soundbar, when combined with a compatible TV like this 55-inch NEO QLED 4K QN95B, it also has the Q-Symphony feature. This feature is now listed as “TV+Soundbar” mode. Q-Symphony is a feature that couples both the soundbar and the TV’s speaker together to create sound that engulfs you from all directions.

Samsung Soundbar Q800B HW-Q800B

And one feature that is similar to Sonos’s TruePlay is Samsung’s SpaceFit Sound. It essentially does the same thing – it optimizes the audio to match your space because every space has a different size, different furniture and its placement, different texture and material – all those stuff. What’s fantastic is that Samsung says this soundbar does the SpaceFit Sound calibration on its own automatically. That also means I cannot enable or disable it to hear the difference, but it sounds great nonetheless.

To have a listen to recorded sound sample, watch out video at the top of this review.

As you can hear, the bass level is actually quite okay. I do admit, it boils down to personal preference. I think this is adequate – but if you want more bass that’s thumpier and can literally help you to shake your ass, then the Sonos Sub Mini is even better. We do have a review of the Sonos Sub Mini – so watch it at the top right corner there. I’m not a big fan of diving headfirst into the SONOS ecosystem since the product lifespan’s is in the mercy of the company – and features like the SONOS TruePlay still only works with iPhones and certain iPads.

Samsung Soundbar Q800B HW-Q800B

I should also mention that we have connected the soundbar to the TV via HDMI so that we can use eARC. It’s a convenient feature that allows us to control the volume of the soundbar through the TV – and that means you can aggregate your TV remotes. If you have this feature, please use it.

Should you buy the Samsung Soundbar Q800B (HW-Q800B)?

The price of this soundbar is around RM2,500 and I think it is actually low priced compared to something like the SONOS Beam Gen 2 which is already RM2,999 for the soundbar alone. If you get the Sonos Sub or Sub Mini, then the total price is going to be twofold or threefold respectively when compared to this Samsung Soundbar Q800B.

Samsung Soundbar Q800B HW-Q800B

Of course, they do offer different features so it ultimately depends on what ecosystem suits your usage.

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