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Developers who are always on the go – now there’s a new way for you to actually enjoy the full Linux experience on your Galaxy smartphone. Samsung has chosen the Ubuntu distribution, claiming that it’s the “favored Linux distribution amongst their audience.”

Announced first at Samsung Developer Conference 2018, the new Linux on DeX (that’s what they’re calling it) will appear as a separate app in DeX mode. Upon launching that Linux on DeX app, the entire DeX experience becomes Ubuntu.

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From the looks of it, it’s actually a VM that runs off the phone and you get the full-fledged Ubuntu experience from your Galaxy smartphone through DeX.

Linux on DeX

Linux On DeX is now only supported by the Galaxy Note9 that we reviewed here and also the new Galaxy Tab S4 tablet. These two devices are the only Samsung devices that can run DeX without the proprietary DeX dock – making it super accessible. All you need is a USB-C to HDMI or DisplayPort or whatever video output, and DeX works.

Linux on DeX

We personally tried it with the Pioneer USB-C dock with the Note9, and DeX worked seamlessly. We are also able to charge the phone while using DeX – which is something that USB-C to HDMI converters cannot do.

The new Linux On DeX feature is currently still in development stages and the private beta program begins 12th November. You can register to become a beta tester now by visiting this website.

It’s great to see Samsung is doing something more than just having a desktop experience by integrating Linux into DeX. Developers can now work on their developments while on the go by attaching a dock to their phone in the hotel room or while in an open office environment.

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