In a very weird turn of events, TikTok has partnered with iflix to bring you iflix Snacks. For those who likes to eat while watching something on the TV, then this is exactly what it sounds like – snack-sized short-form videos on iflix.

This is the first type of such partnership from TikTok, and aims to reach audiences from 13 different countries with its collaboration. iflix Snacks has a bunch of different types of contents, varying from travel, comedy, pets, sports, and lifestyle to begin with – and more to be added in the future.

Viral videos from TikTok will be shown to iflix users via the “iflix and TikTok Present” channel.

TikTok iflix Snacks

“With short-form content rising in demand, today’s partnership with iflix couldn’t have come at a more opportune time as we look forward to serving millions of users with content that they desire and enjoy. This increasing trend is a precursor for consumer consumption habits all over the world, and more and more companies are beginning to leverage this as part of their content strategy.”

– Cheah Sheau Mei, User and Content Operations Manager, TikTok Malaysia

TikTok aims to increase awareness and exposure of its app’s offerings through their top video compilations featured on iflix as a start. Think of it as some sort of a “tip of the iceberg” type of strategy, and then reeling in more users into the platform later.

iflix, on the other hand, is to dive into the short-form type of content as an experiment.

“There’s no denying the popularity TikTok has on the user-generated content space, for both creators and consumers, especially amongst the coveted millennial and Gen-z demo. With the addition of their curated short-form video collections in our Snacks library, iflix affirms its commitment to delivering even more on-trend formats for the benefit of our users.”

– Mark Francis, iflix Chief Content Officer

This certainly is an unexpected partnership between TikTok and iflix. In any case, that means more people will get to watch short-form videos during lunch breaks, albeit on a different platform. Question is – will the videos be in vertical or horizontal?

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