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When you get your new smartphone, whether it is an iOS or an Android phone, you will expect to get all the marketed specs and features. However, there are a few hidden features within your smartphone that you might not know about, and these features are not only cool but can also be helpful and convenient to the user. Here are some of the hidden features in Xiaomi smartphones that can be accessed with just a few tweaks and setting up.

Note: Some of the mentioned features are only available in certain models of Xiaomi phones or with certain versions of the MIUI operating system. If you don’t know your MIUI version, you can easily find out by going to “Settings”, then tap on ‘About Phone’. On that page, you should be able to see your device’s MIUI version.

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Pocket Mode

Picture yourself walking around the city of Manila with your Xiaomi Redmi Note Pro 8 in your bag that is filled with other items. There is the risk of the other items accidentally tapping on the screen of your phone and accessing random apps. If this issue worries you daily, here in one helpful feature will be great for you. Xiaomi has developed a cool feature called Pocket Mode and as the name suggests, this feature comes in handy if you keep the devices in your pocket. Enable this feature will automatically increase the ringtone volume for incoming calls when the phone is in the pocket and locks touch gestures which will save from any accidental taps.

This feature is available on devices with MIUI version 12 and above.

To enable Pocket Mode:

  1. Go to [Setting].
  2. Go to [Lock Screen & Password].
  3. Go to [Advance Setting].
  4. Tap to enable Pocket Mode.

Play App Audio in the Background

Here’s a feature for those who love listening to all sorts of audio. Have you ever wished that you could listen to audio from an app without having to keep the app open the whole time? Apps like YouTube will automatically stop the audio while you lock your phone or switch apps, but this feature will allow you to play the audio from any app in the background.

This feature is available on devices with MIUI version 12 and above.

To enable background audio:

  1. Go to [Settings].
  2. Click on [Special Features].
  3. Tap on [Video] toolbox
  4. Enable playing app in background feature.

Virtual Identity

When downloading new apps or visiting new sites, it can be a hassle to sign up or register your credentials every time you need access. Also, it might not even be safe or recommended to enter your real credentials into an app or site that you don’t trust. The Virtual Identity feature on Xiaomi phones allows you to legally “disguise” yourself on apps and sites by creating a temporary ID to be used for the website or app registration. As a result, your privacy will always be protected.

This feature is available on devices with MIUI version 12 and above.

To enable Virtual Identity:

  1. Go to [Settings].
  2. Tap on [Privacy Protection].
  3. Click on [Special Permissions].
  4. Go to [Manage View ID] and set your virtual ID. Please note that virtual ID is not valid forever. You can deactivate it and reactivate it whenever you need it via the reset button in the settings.

Universal Casting Tool

There is an increasing number of people who are getting multiple smart devices for their homes, like a smart television or computer because these devices supposedly allow for seamless connection between devices. While they might seem helpful, these features can still be difficult to get a hang of. Xiaomi phones come with a feature called the Universal Casting Tool which allows users to easily cast the screen of the phone onto smart TVs and PCs. This function comes in helpful for presentations or when you want to share something on your phone so if you are a college student in Malaysia, you can use your Xiaomi phone, such as Xiaomi Redmi 6A, for your presentations in school.

This feature is available on devices with MIUI version 11 and above.

To enable Universal Casting Tool:

  1. Click on [Settings].
  2. Enable [Connection and Sharing]. It will begin searching for nearby devices.
  3. Select the device you would like to cast on. Please note that both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to enable this feature.


An app that will benefit all users, which is the built-in scanner app. While this might not seem like a grand feature, it’s especially helpful in today’s age where we constantly need to scan documents and QR codes. With this feature, you no longer need to download other third-party apps just to scan your documents or QR Codes. All you need is to make sure your camera is working, and your documents and codes are in clear view.

This feature is available on devices with MIUI version 12 and above.

To access Scanner:

  1. Head to the main screen or click on the [Quick Setting] bar.
  2. Search for [Scanner] app.
  3. Click on [Scanner] app and begin scanning.

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