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In the world of gaming smartphones – which is still in its infancy at this point of time, we saw phones which are purely specs-dependent. But that’s not enough – that’s why we have smartphones like the ROG Phone. But what truly sets the ROG Phone apart from its competitors like the Razer Phone 2? Other than giving you a true unfair advantage over your enemies, here are 5 reasons why and how the ROG Phone wins over its competitors.

The ROG Phone is coming soon, as ASUS already announced the global launch date to be 18th October 2018, and the local Malaysian launching is on 22nd October 2018. Not too long from now, actually. And we do not know the price yet. But, the pre-orders will start on 15th October 2018 at 11:59pm. Learn more about it here.

ASUS ZenBook 15 OLED UX582

If you’re interested in learning about the history and how the ROG Phone came about, then click here. Here’s also a beautiful unboxing of the ASUS ROG Phone.

This article is not sponsored by ASUS, as we just want to tell you how much we genuinely love the ASUS ROG Phone. It’s sets a new definition on what a true “gaming smartphone” is supposed to be.

In any case, we’ll have our full in-depth review of the ROG Phone published on 22nd October!

1. AirTriggers

What’s the fundamental issue that mobile gamers have? For me, I don’t like how I can only use my two thumbs to interact with the game and all my other fingers are doing nothing. If it requires more than two button presses on screen at the same time, then I can’t do it. I can only perform literally 2 actions at once.

For those who used any controllers with shoulder buttons before, you should know what this is about. AirTriggers is essentially trigger buttons built into the ROG Phone itself – but instead of having physical, mechanical buttons, the ASUS implemented ultrasonic buttons on the ROG Phone that acts as the shoulder buttons.


From our experience with the AirTriggers, they’re easy to use and can be mapped to press wherever you want on the screen. In PUBG Mobile, I programmed the left shoulder button (depicted in blue) as shoot, and the right shoulder button (depicted in red) as jump. I’m used to consoles’ controller button naming, by the way.

Here’s a quick demonstration of how I wrecked my enemies. I was literally running and gunning while panning!

But of course, that’s not the only feature that gave me an unfair advantage.

2. AMOLED Display with 90Hz, 1ms

Let me first show you another snippet of the same PUBG solo match. It’s near the end and everyone is forced to duke it out in the small area. Fingers are sweating from the tension in the air. But using the ROG Phone, I can see the enemies much clearer than before.

Full disclosure – I’m using the “colorful” filter in PUBG Mobile at high brightness. Combined with AMOLED’s crispness and sharpness in colors, the enemies are much easier to see. With a 1ms response time, I can look around without worrying of artifacts or image ghosting. With sharper colors and higher contrast, I can see the enemies easily.

But how did I actually record these smooth, beautiful gaming videos?

3. Game Genie

Game Genie is not new, actually. It was first included in ASUS ZenFones previously – but for the ROG Phone, the Game Genie got a major revamp.

The new Game Genie is made to accommodate the new features like AirTriggers (obviously), macros, and also to display real-time system information – like CPU and GPU usage, temperature, and FPS meter – as if it’s a desktop.

ASUS ROG Phone GameGenie how to

Then comes the game footage recording. You can select the resolution you want – up to 1080p, of course. Obviously, we selected the highest since the ROG Phone has the highest of the high-end specs with its Snapdragon 845 that is factory overclocked to 2.96GHz and that massive 128GB internal storage. The ROG Phone is also available in 512GB internal storage, by the way. That means you can record extremely long footages without worrying about running out of storage.

That’s not all – the Game Genie also allows notification blocking so that messages won’t get in the way during your intense gaming session. Trust me, I get messages and calls frequently – and this little feature is a boon.

4. High performance, low temperature

Since the ROG Phone has a factory overclocked Snapdragon 845 that can run at 2.96GHz, it is going to need a better cooling solution. And ROG designed a special cooling solution just for this phone.


Internally, the phone consists of many different parts just heat dispersion and conduction. The most noteworthy part here is the 3D vapor chamber to disperse heat from the chipset over a large surface area quickly. Then, the heat will eventually conduct to the top to the ultra-thin cooling pad which serves as a heatsink, which ASUS told us is made out of nickel for better heat conduction.


So far, from our test with PUBG Mobile at its highest settings, we’re enjoying the entire gaming experience with the ROG Phone.

5. Stereo front-facing speakers & triple microphone

For a game like PUBG Mobile where audio is important, players usually just get a headset or earphones and plug it in. The ROG Phone doesn’t really need that.

In case you haven’t realized, the ASUS ROG Phone has front-facing stereo speakers. Those copper-colored grills are the speakers themselves – and they’re loud yet clear at the same time.

ASUS ROG Phone AirTriggers PUBG Mobile censored
Censored details to be revealed in our full in-depth review this 22nd October!

Then the triple microphone setup of the ASUS ROG Phone. I realized that it has one microphone at the top, one at the bottom, and another one beside the left AirTrigger button. That means you can hold the hold tightly at both edges and one more microphone is still open!

Bonus – the accessories

We first tried the slew of accessories that is specially designed for the ASUS ROG Phone alone. There’s the TwinView dock, mobile desktop dock, and also the GameVice WiGig Controller too.

To learn more about these accessories, click here. I personally am looking forward to the TwinView Dock the most!

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