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The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro has been out for some time and I have been wearing it since day 1. With the supremely long battery life, I have been using it for 3 days straight with a single charge. And since I don’t have to conserve battery that much, I decided to try to do more with it. I mean, even if those applications suck up a lot of battery, I still can last through a full day’s usage.

After using true smartwatches for the past few years, I do have a lot of apps that I recommend you check out and make the most out of your smartwatch.

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1. Facer

Let’s start off with the most obvious app ever – Facer. This is the first app I’ll install on any smartwatch that I got and that is because Facer is literally a watchface that you can customize however you like.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro apps

There is a huge community of watchface designers that you can just browse and download whichever you like, and it’ll even show you a preview of how that particular watchface will look on your watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro apps

For example, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro will look like this if I use this classic-looking watchface. Classy, but Kirby looks better.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro apps

There are some goofy watch faces and some more professional-looking ones, but for me – I really like those simpler digital ones that act as a gateway to an abundance of information with just one glance.

2. Timeflik (a.k.a. Mr Time)

Similar to Facer, this is another watch face app that lets us customize it however we want. What makes Timeflik unique is the ability to upload our own GIFs or images as the watch face.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro apps

While it works similarly when compared to Facer, they also do have a completely different library of custom watch faces for you to choose from and download from. When it comes to content made by the community like watch faces featuring your favorite game or animated shows – Timeflik is where you can find them.

Link to this Beemo watchface.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro apps

I have personally shown the Master Sword watch face on Nasi Lemak Tech before – in many videos and pictures or social media – and I have also changed to this night scenery with the moon in view. Again, they’re all for free and you can download them and use them on your own watch too.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro apps

3. Google Assistant

Surprisingly, this was one of the apps that only made its way to the Galaxy Watch4 and Watch5 series in the past few months. Whichever the case may be, that means we now have a choice between Bixby and Google Assistant.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro apps

I have used Google’s products and services for many years and I am just more comfortable using Google Assistant as my voice assistant.

I also changed the top right button of my Galaxy Watch5 Pro to launch Google Assistant – or, I can also just “okay Google” and use it that way.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro

I also have integrated Google Home services into parts of my smart home too. However, Google Assistant on Wear OS doesn’t support Google Home Routines yet. That means I can’t just tell it “lights” to turn on all of my room’s lights to a certain color temperature and brightness.

That is why I have app number 4 installed on my Galaxy Watch5 Pro.

4. SmartThings

On the subject of smart homes, you can also install the SmartThings app and start controlling your lightbulbs and whatnot. SmartThings, even though it is owned by Samsung, works with non-Samsung products too. Me, I am controlling my Yeelight RGB bulbs in my room via my watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro apps

Since I have created a scene that turns on the lights and another scene that turns off the lights, I can add those scenes as a shortcut in one of the tiles. Then, I can just tap on any of the scenes to trigger the shortcuts. Easy and convenient.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro apps

5. Spotify

Did you know that you can actually pair your Galaxy Buds2 Pro to your Galaxy Watch4 or Watch5 series? You can. Just head into the Google Play Store from your phone and select it to install to your Galaxy Watch4 or Galaxy Watch5, or just use the Google Play Store directly on your smartwatch and install instead.

And you can even download your entire playlist on your smartwatch too. There is 16GB of internal storage in your smartwatch.

The reason to do this is that you can literally leave your phone at home while listening to music on your Galaxy Buds2 Pro earbuds directly from your smartwatch. You can even control the ANC and ambient mode, or turn off the touch controls of the Galaxy Buds2 Pro directly from the watch.

On a side note – if you’re curious how the Galaxy Buds2 Pro actually sounds like, then watch our review of it here.

6. Samsung Pay

This is another no-brainer – but there are some caveats. I’m sure many of you guys who own a Samsung device will have already used Samsung Pay before. It’s easy, convenient, and surprisingly offers another layer of security.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro apps

You can also install and set up Samsung Pay since the Galaxy Watch Active (first generation) and I’ve gotten so used to it. Nowadays, I can just tap on the terminal using the Galaxy Watch5 Pro without taking my phone out of my pocket (or maybe I just forgot to take my phone out, it happens). So many cashiers asked me how I did that and I’ll just tell them… well… it’s Samsung Pay.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro apps

However, for the Galaxy Watch4 and Watch5 series, Samsung had implemented another layer of security – and that is the screen lock for the watch itself. For whatever reason, Wear OS 3 and beyond will require a locks screen to be set up before Samsung Pay can be used.

That means we’ll have to unlock the watch each time we wear it – either by drawing a pattern or key in the pincode. I just find it rather weird since previously, we can just draw the pattern or type in the pincode when we open Samsung Pay to pay.

Some people find this to be really annoying and I just wish Samsung gave us the option to change when we should “unlock” the watch to use Samsung Pay.

What’s your favorite app?

That’s my personal favorite must-have apps for the new Galaxy Watch5 Pro. Do you have any personal favorites that we’ve missed out? Do let us know in the comments below.

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