Over the night, Apple held their new WWDC keynote. With that they announced a whole bunch of new products which I honestly don’t have the need or money to care about. The one thing that caught my attention was Apple’s new display which they are calling the Apple Pro Display XDR. You can mount it either with a $199 VESA mount or with a $999 Pro Stand.

That is not a joke – Apple really is charging USD $999 for a freaking monitor stand. The next logical question is – why do you need it? Well, the quick answer to that uqestion is simple – because Apple does not include a monitor stand with the monitor itself (according to CNet). The VESA mount and a standard monitor stand are sold separately.

Apple Pro Display XDR $999 stand
The new Pro Stand and VESA mount for the Pro Display XDR.

That stand is ridiculously overpriced at USD $999! There is just no argument saying that it isn’t – and Apple literally forsaken their customers for not including a monitor stand with the monitor itself in the first place. And FFS, the previous external monitor that Apple sells is already at $999 for the monitor + stand itself.

Is it made out of gold? Definitely not – but it is mounted and snapped onto the stand via magnets. Freaking magnets. I honestly am not comfortable with magnets on a monitor.

Then comes the censorship part. Apple is censoring YouTube videos that showed off the clip of the keynote where they reveal the ridiculous price of the stand and the crowd laughed at them. Mashable embedded a YouTube video of that clip and that video and Apple literally blocked it!

Apple Pro Display XDR $999 stand
Apple really doesn’t want anyone to make fun of the $999 stand.

I have no idea how many more of these videos are getting blocked, but for now – this is one that have not been blocked yet. The first few seconds is stagnant, by the way.

The VESA mount is “proprietary” too as you cannot screw directly into the monitor like many other monitors can. You’ll have to buy their proprietary VESA mount to hook the monitor onto it first, then screw into the mount itself. That’s Apple 101 on how to rob your customers in broad daylight.

Apple Pro Display XDR $999 stand

In all honestly, although Apple’s displays are made to be the most color-accurate and beautiful, I think there are other alternatives too. Spend that $999 by getting two 4K monitors and have them work in tandem for better productivity.

Or, you can also buy Dell UltraSharp monitors instead. Comes with a stand that can tilt, pivot, rotate, and height adjust too.

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