ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX502 Glacier Blue

Black Shark is one of the smartphone brands that make high-end devices with top of the line specs. However, if you want to play games – then the 3.5mm audio jack is vital especially when you’re playing games like PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile that requires microphone for team chat. To address this issue, Black Shark is now selling the audio/charger 2-in-1 adapter.

This adapter is rather interesting. It clips onto the side of the phone and has the connectors are the bottom of the clip. This essentially is the same as the ASUS ROG Phone 2’s Aero Active Cooler but without the fan.

ASUS ZenBook 14 AMD

Black Shark audio charger 2-in-1 adapter

By having both 3.5mm audio jack and another USB-C port for charging, you can use your wired headphone or earphone your games while charging your phone at the same time. Black Shark claims that this audio/charger 2-in-1 adapter can handle both 18W QuickCharge 2.0 speed and also 27W USB PD fast charging.

This audio/charger 2-in-1 adapter comes with a built-in DSP that claims to be able to decode 32-bit 384kHz files, has a frequency range of 20Hz to 50kHz, and also self-adjust to match its power for impedance loads of 16 to 600. By the looks of it, you can use audiophile headphones on it and it will sound just fine.

Black Shark audio charger 2-in-1 adapter

Since it uses a single U-turn cable for the USB-C port, it won’t get in the way of your hands while playing games on the phone too.

If you are into mobile gaming and need the audio jack while charging, I actually highly recommend you to get this type of adapter. It parks itself behind the phone and does not get in the way while offering two ports at the side. Plus, there is no need to worry about audio delay too.

We have an extensive test on why wireless audio sucks and how much delay is present on Bluetooth audio devices.

Bluetooth audio delay – Here’s why Bluetooth audio sucks for gaming

Currently, the audio/charger 2-in-1 adapter is for sale for RM109 exclusively at Shopee. Pretty steep price but hey – it’s better than buying sketchy unbranded ones from China and hope that it works when it arrives. This one is from a trusted brand, after all.

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