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Today is an insane day – as BLU smartphone are now officially in Malaysia! BLU smartphone is a brand that I’ve personally heard quite a few times in the past, and I’ve heard good things about them too. I’m glad that they’re still kicking strong!BLU Smartphone

They announced that they’re bringing in a slew of new smartphones into the Malaysian market – 10 models, actually. Prices range from RM 299 all the way until RM 1,799 – which is a big range of price points! Here is the list of smartphones that BLU is launching right here in Malaysia.

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With these 10 smartphones, BLU pretty much blanketed the entire of smartphone price range – from entry-level all the way to the mid-to-high range smartphones – which is insane! Now, BLU smartphone is focusing more towards the sub-RM1k price range, and a majority of the smartphones they’re bringing into Malaysia are priced at about RM300 to RM450. It’s definitely a market segment where not many people are focusing at, that’s for sure.

BLU Smartphone
Looks really minimalist!

The launch of BLU Smartphone in Malaysia is made possible not by themselves, but through the help of their friends over at Lazada and also JBL audio. In collaboration with Lazada Malaysia and Hot Gadgets, the BLU Smartphone are exclusively sold only on Lazada for the first 6 months, and eventually come to physical retail stores near you.

Now how about that JBL partnership, you asked? Here’s the deal – get any of these 5 BLU smartphones and you’ll get these JBL goodies.

  • BLU Life Max @ RM 599 (free JBL Grip 100 worth RM 129)
  • BLU Vivo XL 2 @ RM 899 (free JBL Reflect Mini worth RM 279)
  • BLU Vivo 5R @ RM 1,059 (free JBL Trip worth RM 429)
  • BLU Vivo 6 @ RM 1,399 (free JBL Everest 300 worth RM 799)
  • BLU Pure XR @ RM 1,799 (free JBL Charge 3 SE worth RM 829)

Want to get yourself a brand new BLU Smartphone now? Head on over to Lazada right now!

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