I think many of us here have seen the brand j5create but never actually know what they do. Out of curiosity, I passed by j5create’s booth at Computex 2019 and that is why I dropped by and said hi – and I was impressed by the slew of products that they have.

USB-C, as we all know it, is a pretty versatile connector type, albeit confusing since Thunderbolt 3 is also using the same head. Whichever the case may be, j5create has a lot of docks that revolve around this connector – and these are just some of the most elegant products I’ve seen.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14

j5create JCT425 Computex 2019

Starting off, the one thing that caught my attention immediately is this wood-metal hybrid. It also has ports on both inside and outside the stand for you to hook up everything!

j5create JCT425 Computex 2019

This monitor stand is the j5create JCT425. It is an 8-in-1 dock, with support of HDMI resolution of up to 4K at 30Hz, 5x USB 3.0 Type-A ports, a single USB 3.1 Type-C, and also USB PD 3.0. Since this is a hybrid between a stand and a hub, you can literally plop your laptop down and connect a single cable to the stand and experience all the big screen goodness with your own keyboard and mouse.

j5create USB-C triple monitor docking station Computex 2019

Then comes this little dock from j5create. It will be in the market soon, and it serves as something to lift off your laptop from the table for better cooling and typing experience, while providing a slew of ports at the back.

j5create USB-C triple monitor docking station Computex 2019

Also, the Thunderbolt 3 cable can be banked on either side of the dock to provide better cable management. That is just smart!


Another product that we saw is the smallest 60W charger that I’ve ever seen. It is literally smaller than my palm (though I have large hands) and it is able to provide up to 60W of power. How they did that is beyond me – but they told me is because of the usage of gallium nitride. And yes, it supports PD as well.

j5create wormhole switch Computex 2019

Yet another product that interests me is a KVM switch in the form of a single cable. They’re calling it the “USB 3.1 Wormhole Video Switch” that acts like a KVM but controlled entirely by the host device.

The entire display, mouse, keyboard, and even file transfers can be controlled and performed via the host’s screen – and all of these is done via a single cable. There is no need for KVM switch dock – which is really convenient.

j5create wormhole switch Computex 2019
The right display is entirely controlled by the one on the left!

I am really looking forward to what j5create has in stores in the future, as these are just some of the more interesting products that they have in the market. They also have another 4K 60FPS external capture card that was just launched in the market!

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