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Dell Technologies have presented what they think about the year 2021 in terms of technologies and the company’s view and strategy towards said elements.

For the main discussions, they have shared their insights, analytics, and predictions for the top 4 emerging technologies of 2021, namely quantum computing, silicon chips, 5G, multi-cloud edge solutions.

Dell Technologies Predictions 2021

For starters, the company recognizes the existence and ability of quantum computing but it is not yet practical at least for a couple of years and it should be positioned as an augmentation of conventional computing such as an addition of a new tier towards the highest point of a pyramid hierarchy. They are also impressed by the fact that the cryptography sector has finally met its real challenger in terms of pure brute force speed and have started investing R&D resources to refine modern-day security solutions to match them. Recommendation wise, they are encouraging the development of a simulator and language tailored specifically for quantum computing to train and produce sufficient experts in the future.

Onto semiconductors, they have seen global leaders such as Apple, Intel, and AMD all made their own moves of incorporating their own heterogeneous architectures such as big.LITTLE in their processors one way or another and with NVIDIA purchasing ARM and AMD getting its hands on Xylinx, Dell Technologies are pretty sure future servers are going to follow suit and similar architectures as well, focusing on software modernization, integration platform in conjunction with the silicon chip itself.

The enterprise use of 5G also stemmed the organization’s interest as they have predicted that the new standards will really take off during this year as true SA-5G specifications such as mMTC, UR-LLC and MEC provide the groundwork for telecommunications parties to learn, adapt and deploy them in both public and private use cases. Software solutions providers such as Dell Technologies themselves, Microsoft, and more will chime in to continuously refine 5G to be open yet standardized.

Finally, multi-cloud assimilation will solve the issue of edge proliferation which is the excessive independent edge system that currently existed in the ecosystem by clearly classifying resource pools and workload extensions into 2 unique individual categories. In a simpler sense, more workloads and resources targeting public clouds and SaaS edges will involve more logical partitioning compared to the past.

Amit Midha, President of the APAC and Japan region, also added that the entire world is slowly shifting its focus to Asia in terms of business and the technology it carries along and forward into the future. Discussing the company’s progress for the social impact aimed for the year 2030 with 9 years to go, they are in the driver’ seat to achieve a 1:1 ratio of using recycled materials for manufacturing and gender representation for its employees alongside affecting more than 1 billion of lives for a greater good.

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