Browsing around Facebook, we saw one a post regarding the Gigabyte AORUS K9 optical keyboard. As the user said, there is a problem regarding the keyboard switch. It’s fragile the stem breaks whenever the keycap is pulled out. This happened to a few of the keys on the keyboard.

A little background information here. The Gigabyte AORUS K9 optical keyboard uses Flaretech switches – either clicky or linear like the ZOWIE Celeritas II that we reviewed here.

ZOWIE Celeritas II
Flaretech optical switch used on the Celeritas II

On this Facebook post, we were told that the user went back to the seller and the seller didn’t honor the warranty. When escalated to Gigabyte, it was deemed as “self-incurred damage” and the warranty was also not honored. Gigabyte says that the warranty only covers defects on the PCB, wiring, and software driver – which I think they meant firmware.

The user provided a few pictures of the Gigabyte AORUS K9 with the broken switches. We can see here that the stem did break off and got stuck in the keycap.

The user owns a Gigabyte AORUS K9 optical keyboard with a linear Flaretech switch, which is also the same switch used in the ZOWIE Celeritas II. During our review period of the Celeritas II, we actually pulled out the entire keycap using our bare hands and there were no issues.

According to Gigabyte’s own video which is also embedded on the AORUS K9’s product page, the keyboard comes with a plastic keycap puller too. These keycaps are not recommended as it scratches on the keycaps and doesn’t have a proper grip on the keycap. It also slides a lot – which in turn, raises the switch stem mortality rate.

Gigabyte AORUS K9
Even doubles as a switch puller

Wire keycap pullers are always the best and it is what we recommend to all users.

Another video was shared on that post where the Gigabyte AORUS K9’s Flaretech switches were shown. From here we can see that the switches are extra wiggly and even the RGB doesn’t stay lit up.

It’s no surprise that users of the AORUS K9 wants to remove the keycap. Gigabyte themselves already included extra switches with extra keycaps – so why not swap them out?

Gigabyte AORUS K9
Gigabyte includes a total of 9 different switches with 9 different keycaps.

From what I can see, this seems like an issue with either the switch or the keyboard itself. Perhaps a different batch of Flaretech switches compared to the one we experienced with the ZOWIE Celeritas II. Either way, this is reported by different users – and Gigabyte should take a look at this issue.

Until then, we’re waiting for further development into this issue. If you are interested in spectating that post on the Malaysia Mechanical Keyboard group, click here. Else, stay tuned¬†at Also, visit our Facebook page!