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The cinema industry has been heavily affected by COVID-19 pandemic. Even though we know online streaming services are still available, then again, the feeling of watching a huge silver screen and listening to the nerve pumping soundtracks through the amazingly-tuned sound system is no longer there.

Things got worst when my TV decides to break down during this period of time, forcing me to rely on my PC for all my entertainment and multimedia consumption. Don’t get me wrong though, a PC is great for productivity task and games but certainly not as comfy as slacking on a couch.

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That brings us to LUMOS as they reached out for us to try out their Auro Home Cinema Projector. I do have to make it clear that this is not a sponsored post even though they did send over the projector for us. The main point of this article is to share my personal experience after using the LUMOS Auro projector for about 3 weeks time.

LUMOS Auro Video Review

What to Expect

Hands On: LUMOS Auro Home Cinema Smart Projector 21
Before we get into the review, let us set our expectations by looking at the retail price. The Auro home cinema projector comes in two different variants – regular and smart. The regular one is just like any other projector whereby you need to connect it to your source input. On the other hand, the smart model will come with Android OS preinstalled. That means you can download and install your favourite video streaming or playback app on it.

We got the smart model, which is priced at RM1298. For a projector that can project up to 100″ from 3 metres away, it is an interesting proposition for those who want to experience a huge display without breaking the bank.

My Setup


My setup is far from ideal as my living room lacks the space for the projector placement. The RIZE stand is sold as a bundle for RM179 when you purchase the projector.

Hands On: LUMOS Auro Home Cinema Smart Projector 22

Nonetheless, in order to minimise the image correction, I choose to have the projector placed directly perpendicular to the wall.

As for the audio setup, even though the LUMOS Auro comes with a built-in speaker, due to its speaker placement it won’t sound that natural. We humans would attempt to track the source of the sound which might be awkward depending on where you place the projector.

Hands On: LUMOS Auro Home Cinema Smart Projector 23

My personal suggestion is to either use a cleaner wireless Bluetooth speaker or simply drag a 3.5mm audio cable across your setup for a low-latency audio experience. In my case, I’ve opted for Bluetooth because it is easier to set up and I could live with that slight audio delay.

Around the Projector

Hands On: LUMOS Auro Home Cinema Smart Projector 24

The LUMOS Auro has a sleek and modern design which should go well with your home theatre setup.

Hands On: LUMOS Auro Home Cinema Smart Projector 25

There are plenty of input options:

  • SD card reader
  • 2x HDMI

Hands On: LUMOS Auro Home Cinema Smart Projector 26

Apart from HDMI, the projector also supports legacy video input such as VGA and analogue AV input. Although the LUMOS Auro comes equipped with WiFi they also provided users with a dedicated ethernet port for a faster and reliable internet connection.

In terms of controls, you do have the option to either use the onboard buttons or the IR remote control. They work just fine but since this projector uses the Android operating system, a USB mouse and keyboard would work on it as well.

Even the LUMOS user manual is recommending users to use a wireless mouse for a better user experience. Just keep in mind that both USB ports are stacked extremely close to each other, which would render the other one useless.

Software & User Experience

Hands On: LUMOS Auro Home Cinema Smart Projector 27

That brings us to the software and user experience of the LUMOS Auro. The use of the Android operating system is a crucial advantage for this projector. You can even wirelessly cast your smartphone’s screen to the projector and enjoy your mobile phone content on a larger display.

Hands On: LUMOS Auro Home Cinema Smart Projector 28

Google Play store has all the apps ready for their Android TV counterpart and manufacturers should just focus on maintaining the hardware compatibility and future updates. The vast selection of apps on the Play Store opens up limitless capabilities and options for the user. If you prefer some other streaming services other than Netflix, as long as the app is available on the Play Store user can just install it from there.


Hands On: LUMOS Auro Home Cinema Smart Projector 29

Even though I’m directly projecting the image onto my plain white wall, the projection quality is still very impressive. The vibrant colour reproduction even in the day time is largely contributed by the bright backlight that goes up to 6000 lumens. If you plan to extract the most out of this projector, it is best to invest in a decent projection screen that will also reduce glare and reflections.

Conclusion & Future Plan

Hands On: LUMOS Auro Home Cinema Smart Projector 30

All in all, after using the LUMOS Auro for about 3 weeks, I’m really satisfied with the image quality and the software user experience. Even my wife is happy with the experience of a movie night at home. Using the projector feels just like how you’re using a smart TV but this time having the flexibility to move your broadcast location. That said, my next plan is to actually set up a proper home theatre configuration for better seating and viewing experience.

For the price of RM1298 (smart) and RM999 (regular), I think the LUMOS Auro is a strong contender when it comes to setting up an affordable home cinema.

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