In the world of wearables, HONOR also announced their two new bands to the Malaysian market. These bands aren’t exactly new since they are already available for sale for quite some time on Lazada. Now, HONOR Malaysia has officiated the HONOR Band 4 and also the HONOR Band 4 Running.

HONOR Band 4

This band is somewhat more conventional in terms of looks. It is considered a fitness band but it does have a digital watch face like its competitor. Its colorful AMOLED display that is encased in a 2.5D glas, the HONOR Band 4 looks sleek while helping you work out more effectively.

HONOR Band 4

In terms of functionality however, the HONOR Band 4 offers a lot of unique tricks. The first feature is TruSleep whereby it tracks your sleeping pattern and is capable of identifying and providing advices on common sleeping issues, such as insomnia, light and deep sleep, easily awakened, excessive dreaming, and irregular sleeping habits.

This technology is certified by the Center for Dynamical Biomarkers (DBIOM) at Harvard Medical School.

HONOR Band 4

Second feature is the TruSeen 3.0 which provides real-time heart-rate monitoring. It gets monitors your heart rate 24 hours a day and will notify you if you have an unusually high or low high heart rate. Instead of using green light to detect heart rate like many other fitness bands out there, the HONOR Band 4 uses infrared instead. Invisible to human eyes, and that means you can sleep without any light disturbance.

The HONOR Band 4 also supports multiple workout types – from outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor cycling, to swimming and many more! You can even share your running statistics with your social circle.

With that many real-time monitoring that is performed by the HONOR Band 4, they claim that this band can have its battery last up to 17 days under normal usage with just one charge.

The HONOR Band 4 is priced at RM149 and is available in black color only at

HONOR Band 4 Running

This is a rather unique band as it is designed to be worn in 2 ways – on your wrist like any other fitness bands, or on your shoe laces.

HONOR Band 4 Running

The interesting thing here is obviously in the name of the product itself – running. By mounting the HONOR Band 4 Running on your shoelace, it enables even more tracking on how you actually run. Built in with a 6-axis sensor, it can detect roll, pitch, yaw, left/right and always forward/backward movements of your feet.

With this single sensor alone, it can accurately detect how hard you hit the ground on each step, how long is each of your step, at what angle your feet is landing, and it can tell how high you lift your feet for each step.

HONOR Band 4 Running

Interesting enough, wearing the HONOR Band 4 Running on the shoelace and running in the forest yields an interesting set of data as well – but if the forest is wet and muddy, what happens to the HONOR Band 4 Running?

Fret not – it is water resistant for up to 50 meters and has an anti-slip design so the band itself will not slip out of its mount while you are working out intensely.

It comes with a 0.5-inch OLED display which can show you the time as you can put it back on your wrist band and use it like any other usual fitness band.

The HONOR Band 4 Running is priced at RM79 and is available in both green and red colors at

HONOR Band 4 prices

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