There’s a weird thing going on with Instagram now. For some reason, Facebook (the owner of Instagram) thinks that meme accounts shouldn’t exist on Instagram. With their newfound hatred, Instagram banned many meme accounts – even those with millions of followers.

That action in itself speaks volume. The victims have vented out their frustration on Twitter, with the first one being user yerdank. Having a total of 30+ million followers of Instagram, that meme account was deleted off of Instagram in a blink of an eye – no warnings and no U-turns as well.

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There are many more other meme accounts that have been banned outright, which Taylor Lorenz made a summary of the list.

It seems like there are absolutely no exceptions on who gets banned too – either big or small. A few meme accounts have grieved that their millions of followers actually enabled them to pay for college tuition as it can garner USD $30,000 a year. That’s a lot of money!

Facebook has quoted that these bans were because of multiple violations of their policy. Source has taken note that this ban is planned since Instagram updated its account removal policy a few months ago.

As the source has mentioned, this highlights the dangers of relying your livelihood on a single platform that you don’t own. In this case, these meme account owners have their livelihood relying on incomes generated by their meme accounts on Instagram. Once they’re banned, their income source is gone.

Which makes me wonder – will other social media platforms start to ban meme platforms as a whole too? Knowing that the EU has passed the bill to ban memes, it is understandable that large platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even TikTok will start banning meme accounts.

But then again – memes will still be around. You can host your own website and make a meme platform. Or, just use Reddit. At least they’re not banning memes for now.

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