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There’s a “New Gunbound” game for mobile that’s coming to mobile soon! This new Gunbound game (that’s literally what it’s called) is developed by Softnyx and Electronics Extreme (EXE). This New Gunbound game will be available in Thailand and 10 other countries in Southeast Asia.

Now, for those who don’t know what Gunbound is, let me explain. This game was one of my childhood games. It’s a turn-based online game where every player takes a turn to use their mechs (called Mobile in the game) to shoot others to death. It’s sort of like Worms with a twist, and I poured hundreds of hours into this game. But, the game eventually was shut down.

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New Gunbound announcement

Now, Softnyx team decided to resurrect it and name aptly named it the New Gunbound. This New Gunbound is a mobile-based game (shows how far we’ve come in technology) by combining new mobile features. Softnyx chose Electronics Extreme (EXE) as the publisher of this game in Southeast Asia.

Electronics Extreme’s project managers, Mr. Pissanupong Khajornjendarb and Mr. Aukkaradej Ownon, showed off New Gunbound with its new features. Now, there are a total of two different game modes – PVE and PVP. The PVP game mode is then split into two more different modes – either in Classic Mode (turn-based that we all grew up with) or the new Real-Time Mode.

New Gunbound announcement

The New Gunbound has also gone through the Stress Test in July, as EXE gathered bunch of feedback and improved the game in terms of gameplay, UI/UX, balancing, and more than 45 other parts of the game.

Currently, the New Gunbound is still in development and internal testing. EXE and Softnyx expected that the game will be on Soft Launch around 4th quarter of this year – which is anywhere from October to December 2019. That’s pretty soon!

New Gunbound announcement

Looking forward to the new modes here – especially the new PVE mode. Perhaps there’s a group party system too so I can play with other friends?

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