Remember when the Huawei P20 Pro got announced? It has a total of 3 cameras for the rear – and people were laughing at it. Then when people started using it, we were awed by its image quality and what the cameras can do. With the usual P-series camera setup plus another zoom camera, the P20 Pro set a precedent for multi-camera smartphones. While we have yet to see another smartphone with triple cameras at the rear, Nokia wants to three-up that challenge. Introducing the newly leaked Nokia TA-1094 smartphone that has quintuple cameras – yes, that means 5 cameras.

Nokia's Upcoming TA-1094 Smartphone Has 5 Cameras 1


First, let’s talk about the new Nokia TA-1094 that was leaked about 2 days ago at Slashleaks. The picture shows the entire back of the Nokia TA-1094 in a poster. While the image quality isn’t that clear, we can clearly read that it says “Android One” at the bottom of the phone.

We don’t really see the 5 cameras on the leaked image, but instead we see 2 cameras, a single white dot which we presume is the LED flash, and three black dots.

Nokia TA-1094

Looking at this newly leaked picture, I was dumbfounded. The 5-camera phone is real. Thinking back of the earlier leak, it’s stated Android One already. Perhaps the new Nokia TA-1094 is meant to be part of ARCore (previously known as Project Tango) as well? But ARCore already works with a single camera – and it works on the Nokia 6.1 as well.

Then it dawned on me – what if the new Nokia TA-1094 is the upcoming PureView smartphone? We’ve already seen countless news reports saying that HMD Global, the home of Nokia smartphones, has acquired the rights for PureView imaging trademark from Microsoft. Remember – Nokia was acquired by Microsoft few years ago, and Microsoft is still holding most of the rights and patents of what Nokia used to have.

Nokia TA-1094

Perhaps the 5 cameras placed strategically at the back of the phone is meant to stitch together the photo to create a single image. Maybe even more than 41MP this time around. Extrapolating the benefits of having dual-camera sensor that we explained here, having more cameras means it can focus even faster. Think of it like parallel processing. That’s not all – pictures can also be refocused later on, just like what the original HTC One M8 and Huawei/Honor phones can do.

If the new Nokia TA-1094 is indeed a PureView smartphone, maybe this is the time we’ll see a true successor of the 41MP beast of a smartphone camera that the Nokia Lumia 1020 has. This time, Nokia is going to do it right with Android One. Also, the leaked image of the Nokia TA-1094 does not have Android One branding behind the phone. We think that this is still in prototype stage.

Via: Vtechgraphy

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