ROG Zephyrus G14 x Alan Walker

Mice are important in the life of any computer users – trackpads are fairly accurate but usually not as pleasant and accurate yet quick enough as a dedicated mouse – but the sensors, design, comfort and usability are all the factors are going to impact the price and performance of a mouse. That is where the specialized field of gaming mice came by – and the ASUS RoG Gladius is one heck of a gaming mouse.

rog gladius (19)

ASUS ExpertBook B5 Flip

The mouse comes in a black and red box with white fonts, typical design cues as there are some highlights of the mouse’s feature showed at the front.

There aren’t much to see, up front, but opening the flap and then there’s the RoG Gladius itself wrapped in hard plastic. The hard plastic is slightly larger than the real size of the RoG Gladius, but it’s a fairly identical ergonomic feel.

rog gladius (16)

Digging up further, there are some manuals, a pouch, two micro USB cables, and a cloth mesh pouch.

rog gladius (13)

These also are not some simple micro USB cables – it is made to work with the cable lock found below the mouse, and its purpose is to prevent cables from getting yanked and disconnecting the micro USB cable from the mouse.

Looking deeper into the accessories, there is another set of mouse feet and two Omron switches and they bring some more value to the mouse – we’ll dive deeper into this later.

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