The Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STREET is definitely a mix between many great headphones. It’s been some time since I last reviewed a Beyerdynamic product. I couldn’t forget how great they sound compared to other products. The last major Beyerdynamic headphone I reviewed was the CUSTOM One Pro, and coincidentally this is a follow-up to that series of CUSTOM product.

Custom Street (1)

The box itself is very specific on what you’re getting in the Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STREET. The word “interactive” here is because of Beyerdynamic’s  signature CUSTOM Sound Slider.

Also, there’s the little part that says “includes 16 design covers” too – more on this later. Around the side is where the specs of the Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STREET is listed completely. Full list of accessories are listed here. The 16 different cover designs, a cable with an in-line microphone and button, and a hard shell carrying case.

Custom Street (5)

On the other side is where the CUSTOM Sound Slider is explained a little more too. In this case, it’s described as analytical, vibrant base, and heavy bass. More on this later.

Custom Street (6)

There’s flap in front can be opened and all of its features are explained a little more. I took a good look at this, and I actually found that  the Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STREET supports daisy chaining too.

Custom Street (8)

I find it enjoyable to open the box too, with the Beyerdynamic’s signature “ENJOY!” written on the flap.

Custom Street (9)

I opened the box and found the manual. Underneath is a small little hole to slot your finger inside and pull the entire container out too.

Custom Street (10)

The unboxing experience was something I enjoyed a lot. Everything is placed in the hard carrying case. If anyone ever need to bring all the accessories with you, pack it like how Beyerdynamic did. I took a picture to see how they packed everything in there, just in case.

Custom Street (11)

I opened the case and it reveals everything. The CUSTOM STREET itself, the audio cable, the 16 custom cover designs, an Allen key. Everything is very nicely packed too.

Custom Street (13)

In total, there’s the CUSTOM STREET itself, an audio cable, 16 pairs of covers, an Allen key, and also the manual.

Here’s also prepared an unboxing video with an overview of all the features if don’t feel like reading all about it.

[nextpage title=”Design & features”]The entire Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STREET one funky headphone for sure. The one that I got here is fully white coloured, but there’s another black colour option if you prefer that. Either way, the entire Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STREET will be covered in the colour of your choosing.

Custom Street (27)

Obviously it’s a foldable headphone too, since it’s packed very compactly in the hard shell case itself. That said, it’s a tad annoying that it requires the headband to be fully retracted before putting it in the case. Else, it won’t fit.

Custom Street (29)

To be honest, I’m baffled by how generous Beyerdynamic is when I saw this.

Custom Street (17)

Double headphone input jacks. Double! This instantly blew my mind. I thought to myself – having two input jacks here means I can swap the cable to the left or right side. It just depends on my personal preference or situation!

Custom Street (19)

These two jacks means I can have audio pass through the headphones to another audio output. Take it as a music sharing feature – but between audio devices. Not sure how often someone is going to use it though, but it’s an additional feature  for those who wants to share their music.

Custom Street (16)

The included audio cable is different too. I realize that there’s a notch on the jack itself and the jack is actually larger than others too. I tried to use other cables and it works. If you wish to swap other cables in, I think that it most probably will be compatible with the CUSTOM STREET. I used a right-angled earphone to plug it in – Beyerdynamic XP2 to be specific, and it works with no issues.

Yeah, there's an in-line button and microphone too
Yeah, there’s an in-line button and microphone too

The cable itself is springy in nature though. I’m not sure why Beyerdynamic opted to do something like this, but I’m quite glad they did. It’s 100% anti-tangle. Even prevents me from doing any sort of accidental cable-damaging bends too. Great job Beyerdynamic!

Just slightly behind the audio jacks are where the CUSTOM Sliders are, which I ador. This can adjust the lower frequency’s frequency response. In other words, you can tune how much bass you want. More on this later.

Custom Street (22)

Let’s talk about the other CUSTOM part of this headphone. The two large covers can be swapped for any of the included 16 pieces of covers. Of course, you can make one yourself or just buy some from Beyerdynamic themselves. Again, I should mention that the CUSTOM STREET comes with only 8 pairs of covers, with an alternate design at the back of each cover. That totals to 16 pairs of covers with the same design. If I am feeling a little mixed at some particular day, I could have different designs on each cover.

The previous CUSTOM One Pro that I’ve reviewed has the feature to change the design covers too, but there were none to change out of the box. I’m glad that Beyerdynamic took the liberty to include design covers in it.

Custom Street (20)

Changing the covers take quite some time though. Although the Allen key is usable and it gets the job done, it’s not particularly efficient. Took me a great 5 minutes or so to change both plates while doing it slow and steady. You know, I don’t want to slip up and scratch the CUSTOM STREET with the Allen key.

Once the ring was opened, I can swap the cover right there. I suggest not to move the large piece of foam there though. Also, you can put the cover upside down to give it a different look too, if that’s what you prefer. I chose this cover in particular, which can be inverted and still look on fleek as heck.

[nextpage title=”Comfort”]In terms of comfort though, the Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STREET has a really thick pad to begin with. I really like the thick pad here, and it offers maximum comfort all around my ear. Very much unlike the Logitech G G633 Artemis Spectrum that caused a major headache for me.

Custom Street (21)

I wore the Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STREET for hours and I felt great. It just doesn’t cause any sort of discomfort at all.

Custom Street (23)

The biggest difference of this from the previous CUSTOM One Pro though is the headband. Not this one though. You can’t change it.

Another thing I got a problem with it though is the orientation of the earcups. It seems like a really difficult point to miss. For me, I would like to the earcup to face my body, so I can rest it nicely on my body. BUT, here’s my issue with it.

Custom Street (24)

This is the only direction that the earcups can rotate. I mean, my left and right earcups are flipped. Keep in mind that the left side of this picture is the right channel, and vice versa. Which directly means, I can’t do this.

Custom Street (30)

Seems like a very difficult design cue for Beyerdynamic to miss out.

[nextpage title=”Listening test”]This is a 32Ω headphone, so it’s pretty simple for a smartphone to drive. So it’s not an issue for the other newer smartphones these days which has special DAC amps built-in too. When I tested the Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STREET, it surprised me.

I used my usual usual lists of songs to test it out of course, and I’m really happy with how it performs.  I really like the entire frequency response of the entire Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STREET offers. To begin, higher frequency response is great. Vocals are great all around too.

Custom Street (18)

Adventure Time by Rogue on its heaviest bass setting was certainly too much for me to handle – but that’s okay. I then tuned it to medium bass, and I find it much more enjoyable. On its medium bass setting, it’s obviously doesn’t have that much bass as its highest bass setting, but it still packs a punch.

Cherokee  and In The Mood by the BBC Big Band feels amazing. Actually throughout my test, any orchestral song feels fantastic on the Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STREET. Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture feels fantastic. Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy gave me goosebumps actually, and it sounds way too immersive in my ears. That’s because its soundstage is fantastic!

Custom Street (12)

I realized that changing the bass levels from lowest to highest feels like moving from a smaller room to a larger room. It just feels like there’s more space beside me. Given the honor to choose between what Beyerdynamic called it as analytic, vibrant, and heavy bass, I personally preferred vibrant bass all around.

The noise isolation for the Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STREET is actually much better than I expect it to be. Since it’s smaller than the CUSTOM One Pro and it’s actually an on-ear style headphone, I expect sound to leak. To my surprise, playing some music at soft volume can totally negate the outside noise entirely.

Custom Street (25)

I was skeptical about its earcup size at first, in fear that it will squish my ears uncomfortably. I found it surprisingly comfortable actually, as it can really press against my ears quite firmly without any signs of slipping. Also, I didn’t have any signs of fatigue even after 5 hours of continuous use.

[nextpage title=”Wrap Up”]There are many things which I have not described in this particular review. For example, the customization of the entire headphone itself. I’ve shown that you can change the cover and the bass itself, but actually you can change the rings and audio cable too. It lacks the customization of the headband itself though, as contrasted from the CUSTOM One Pro.

Custom Street (28)

However as mentioned in the CUSTOM part in this review though, shipment of accessories are crazy expensive. That’s because the link included in the update still doesn’t have any accessory for the CUSTOM STREET yet. In time, maybe they will have it. Till then though, the 16 cover designs are all we have. If you’re really impatient, then check out Beyerdynamic’s official site for all of its accessories.

For RM699 now at Jaben Malaysia, do I think the Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STREET is worth it? Definitely a resounding yes. The Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STREET offers a much more rich and vibrant sound with amazing soundstage.

Hey – let’s not forget this part of the customization too. This is the Custom Headset GEAR. Simply speaking, it’s an audio cable for the CUSTOM STREET that converts it to be a gaming headset. I think at €42.02 (RM188.04), it’s a little expensive. But I’ll only need one pair of headphone then.

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