The Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STREET is definitely a mix between many great headphones. It’s been some time since I last reviewed a Beyerdynamic product. I couldn’t forget how great they sound compared to other products. The last major Beyerdynamic headphone I reviewed was the CUSTOM One Pro, and coincidentally this is a follow-up to that series of CUSTOM product.

Custom Street (1)

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED

The box itself is very specific on what you’re getting in the Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STREET. The word “interactive” here is because of Beyerdynamic’s  signature CUSTOM Sound Slider.

Also, there’s the little part that says “includes 16 design covers” too – more on this later. Around the side is where the specs of the Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STREET is listed completely. Full list of accessories are listed here. The 16 different cover designs, a cable with an in-line microphone and button, and a hard shell carrying case.

Custom Street (5)

On the other side is where the CUSTOM Sound Slider is explained a little more too. In this case, it’s described as analytical, vibrant base, and heavy bass. More on this later.

Custom Street (6)

There’s flap in front can be opened and all of its features are explained a little more. I took a good look at this, and I actually found that  the Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STREET supports daisy chaining too.

Custom Street (8)

I find it enjoyable to open the box too, with the Beyerdynamic’s signature “ENJOY!” written on the flap.

Custom Street (9)

I opened the box and found the manual. Underneath is a small little hole to slot your finger inside and pull the entire container out too.

Custom Street (10)

The unboxing experience was something I enjoyed a lot. Everything is placed in the hard carrying case. If anyone ever need to bring all the accessories with you, pack it like how Beyerdynamic did. I took a picture to see how they packed everything in there, just in case.

Custom Street (11)

I opened the case and it reveals everything. The CUSTOM STREET itself, the audio cable, the 16 custom cover designs, an Allen key. Everything is very nicely packed too.

Custom Street (13)

In total, there’s the CUSTOM STREET itself, an audio cable, 16 pairs of covers, an Allen key, and also the manual.

Here’s also prepared an unboxing video with an overview of all the features if don’t feel like reading all about it.

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