PC cases are all the rage these days, especially during Computex 2017 too. The theme since last year’s RGB outbreak is simple – transparency. That’s where the BitFenix Aurora excels at – it’s a case that’s meant to be beautiful with its aesthetics and internals. Just how well does it fare out for a PC builder? Let’s find out.


The BitFenix Aurora comes in a fairly simple box. With a few feature highlights and a view of its internals. Pretty good when it comes to highlighting its features actually, as BitFenix adopts a very graphical way of representing and showing off its case features.

BitFenix Aurora front box

At the back reveals more information about the case, and the labels are done neatly too.

BitFenix Aurora rear box
These values and diagrams might not have its purpose apparent at first sight. Needs a little bit of guessing.

Opening up the box shows two thick foam pieces with the BitFenix Aurora wrapped in a plastic case. These two tempered glass side panels have a piece of sticky plastic film to prevent fingerprints and scratches. It’s nicely protected.

BitFenix Aurora accessories

In the case, there are two different accessory boxes tied on the case body itself – and wow, the BitFenix Aurora comes with quite a lot of extras. My first nitpick is that the screws are not separated according to its type like how the Sharkoon BW-9000W did it.

BitFenix Aurora accessories

I had another extra piece of accessory for the BitFenix Aurora too – and that’s another RGB LED strip. I asked BitFenix what’s up, and they said the variant available in Malaysia here comes with an extra RGB LED strip – just because. It’s actually quite a good strip for case ambient lighting!

BitFenix Aurora RGB LED strip
It’s magnetic too!

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