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This is Dell’s Latitude 5520. I know, Latitude laptops are made for businesses so why are we – a channel focused on consumer electronics – reviewing a business laptop?

Well, there are a few reasons. You can actually buy this Latitude 5520 laptop that we show in this video today for yourself for your own personal use. But the question is – why?

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First, let’s go through the design. This Dell Latitude 5520 has a very standard laptop design and I think that’s okay since I think that this laptop is most suitable for executives that usually work in their own station and mobility is not required. So, the design, size, and weight don’t really matter here.

Dell Latitude 5520

Upon lifting up the laptop for the first time, I realized that the Latitude 5520’s build quality isn’t the most impressive since it’s made entirely out of plastic. Then I realized that the laptop is made out of bioplastics from trees. Interesting.

Dell Latitude 5520

Now, let’s take a look inside. The keyboard is pretty decent overall and it feels okay to type on. The entire typing area is shifted to the left to make space for the number pad, like many other laptops in the market right now. That power button placement is also not an issue as Dell made that one particular button have a stiffer key switch so accidental presses will not happen that often.

What I don’t like about the keyboard is the arrow key cluster since it frustrates me whenever I tried to use it.

Dell Latitude 5520

The trackpad is okay in terms of tracking but the palm rejection could have been better. Since the trackpad is also shifted to the left, it’s just very awkward to use overall but I think anyone who works at an office desk job will have an external mouse anyway.

Dell Latitude 5520

As for the specs, the specific model that we got here comes with:

  • Intel Core i7-1185G7
  • Intel Iris Xe graphics
  • 1x 16GB RAM stick
  • 512GB NVMe SSD

With such specs, the Dell Latitude 5520 is indeed a very powerful laptop. We did some more intensive tests for the Intel Core i7-1185G7 in the past, so you can check out those videos instead.

Dell Latitude 5520

You can even play games or edit videos on this laptop – powerful, but I don’t think you are buying this laptop for that purpose, given the price of this laptop.

As for the display, this is a very typical 15.6-inch 1080p IPS LCD screen. It looks good and that’s about it. It can only go up to 250 nits brightness so you can only use this indoors.

Dell Latitude 5520

However, there is a special slider at the top of this laptop to block out the webcam entirely. But the webcam module is large since it does have a built-in IR camera for Windows Hello facial recognition and login too.

Dell Latitude 5520

And on that subject, we should move to some of the key highlights of this laptop – security in the office. If you look at the ports of this laptop, we have a lot of ports on both the left and right sides – multiple USB ports, microSD card reader, Ethernet port, double Thunderbolt 4 ports for both data and charging – and what’s this?

Dell Latitude 5520

A service card slot? Yeah, A literal service card slot that enterprises can use for authentication purposes.

If you head into Dell’s website, you can further customize the Dell Latitude 5520 to include other things like a fingerprint reader, NFC card reader instead of having to slot in a card every time to login, all of that stuff.

However, my question for you is – who should buy this laptop?

Like what we mentioned at the beginning of this video, this is the Dell Latitude 5520. Latitude series is meant for businesses, hence it comes with all the options to include a service card reader, contactless smart card reader, all of those security features. It also has the option to include vPro manageability – which is only useful for enterprises with lots of employees.

Dell Latitude 5520

From an enterprise perspective, I think it’s a decent laptop. It’s durable, has a large screen, a full-sized keyboard for work (cough bad arrow keys cough), and is also rather power-efficient as we can charge via the Thunderbolt 4 port with any USB-PD chargers.

You can also buy more warranty services and a tech support phone label (which costs RM84) on top of the existing one – but I think that only makes sense for enterprises.

For general consumers like you and me, I don’t think this laptop is suitable for you.

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