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We’ve seen many Bluetooth speakers over the years here at Nasi Lemak Tech, and I can’t help but say this – many Bluetooth speakers out there are available in black colored plastic body. That’s fine – but what if I want a little design in my Bluetooth speaker while still sound decently well? Enter the Edifier MP80 – it’s a tiny little circular Bluetooth speaker that’s available in the usual black or in an ocean blue hue.

Thanks to Inter-Asia for sending over an Edifier MP80 for us to review!

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Edifier MP80 Bluetooth Speaker

I can tell you one thing when it comes to the Edifier MP80’s packaging design. It’s a rather unconventional style, but also a frustrating one to deal with.

Edifier MP80 Bluetooth Speaker

It has a circular design with two parts – the transparent plastic lid, and the base itself. The base locks into the plastic lid through two notches at two opposing ends. The frustration comes when I’m trying to unlock both notches together to separate the lid. However, you can separate notch first, then slide it out a little so that it’s unlocked, but hanging within the plastic lid.

Edifier MP80 Bluetooth Speaker

After battling with the plastic lid itself, the speaker can finally be released. Here you can find the Edifier MP80 Bluetooth Speaker itself, user manuals, and a short micro USB cable that’s coiled around the base of the packaging.

Compared to the Edifier MP233 that we reviewed here, the packaging is much more frustrating, though still stylish. I really hope that these packaging styles will become Edifier’s MP-series Bluetooth speakers’ signature.

Edifier MP80 Bluetooth Speaker

I want to give Edifier an A+ for packaging creativity here, but I can’t help but cringe when I saw how the micro USB cable is coiled and kinked. Seriously, don’t do this if you want your USB cables to function.


When it comes to design, I really like the color that Edifier chose to go with. The Edifier MP80 that we have here is in this purplish blue color, which I personally find it appealing. There’s another greyish black color which looks like it just got out of a mid-50’s black-and-white TV show.

Edifier MP80 Bluetooth Speaker

The rubbery enclosure at the side is actually made out of a very soft material that can literally bounce when dropped. With this outer shell, the Edifier MP80’s ports can be closed and sealed, hence it’s also rated at IP54 – splash and dust resistant.

There are also 4 other buttons – power, next/previous, and call button. More on these later.

Edifier MP80 Bluetooth Speaker

One interesting design here is that the outer enclosure’s swirly lines are meant to help to move water down to the base when it’s wet. This is to prevent water buildup from the top of the speaker, as you can see from the convexed speaker grill at the top.

Edifier MP80 Bluetooth Speaker

However, there’s one major complaint I have when it comes to this convexed speaker grill. If you do drop the speaker, the speaker grill will most probably hit the ground and get scratched. Furthermore, the speaker grill isn’t that strong either. I can press it down with one finger. I do understand that this convexed speaker grill is meant to help with water flow, but I suppose there are better ways to implement something similar.

Edifier MP80 Bluetooth Speaker

The base of the speaker won’t have any issues thanks to the rubber enclosure that wraps around the base.

Edifier MP80 Bluetooth Speaker


The Edifier MP80 is a slightly more advanced Bluetooth speaker compared to all the other ones on the market today. It can play music – sure, but it can also take up calls.

Other than that, the pairing Edifier MP80 is actually pretty similar to other Bluetooth speakers and it works as expected. All the buttons work as expected, too.

  • Press and hold power button to turn it on
  • Press + button for higher volume
  • Press and hold + button to go next track
  • Press – button for lower volume
  • Press and hold – button to go previous track
  • Press the call button to answer call
  • Press and hold call button to enter pairing mode

You’ll have to hold the power button for quite a long time to turn it on. I thought it was out of battery when I first laid my hands on it.

The Bluetooth performance of the Edifier MP80 is quite good compared to the Edifier XM6BT that we reviewed last year. Good job Edifier for taking feedback and improving.

Using the Edifier MP80

We did mention that the pairing process on the Edifier MP80 is smooth sailing all the way, and music playback is smooth too. The Edifier MP80 does not come with Qualcomm aptX (learn more about it here) but it still plays back FLAC format music without a hitch – given that the connection is strong enough, of course.

The buttons on the Edifier MP80 is surprisingly easy to press, and tactile enough to feel each press. Well done, Edifier!

The USB port flap is easy to remove, although that might be a bad thing if you’re going somewhere with lots of water action.

Edifier MP80 Bluetooth Speaker

The rubbery outer shell does protect the Edifier MP80 from drops, but as mentioned before, the convexed speaker grill at the top can get damaged easily. Though, the included lanyard is meant for you to strap the Edifier MP80 on your backpack or even your pants while you’re out and about.

Sound quality of the Edifier MP80

Once I powered up the Edifier MP80, I tuned in to my all-time favorite – Adventure Time by Rogue. The first thing I realize is the lack of bass from the Edifier MP80. The mids and highs however, were decent.

Then I moved on to some orchestral music. American Patrol by the BBC Big Band sounded okay overall, but when the higher-pitched trumpet comes, it pierced through my eardrums.

Vocal-centric songs like Dream Sweet In Sea Major by Miracle Musical sounded great, since it doesn’t focus much on bass and definitely not that much high pitch segments in the song.

I was a little disappointed since I had Bluetooth speakers which are tinier than the MP80 and still performed exceptionally well when it comes to overall sound quality. The ear-piercing high-pitch that the Edifier MP80 is a little overly annoying to listen to. With the lack of special software to tune the equalizer (understandable since we all want affordable Bluetooth speakers anyway), you’ll have to find an alternative on how to change the frequency response.

The only way I know how on Android is by using Poweramp, which costs USD $3.99, and the interface isn’t exactly easy to use either.

Battery life?

It’s no surprise that batteries are getting better by the day. Smartphones are the spearheading the way to better batteries, and these technologies trickle down to other battery-powered gadgets over time. This Edifier MP80 might be one of them – as the battery life is exceptionally good.

According to whatever information I can find online (which is really scarce for the MP80), it has a 2,200mAh battery – which is larger than an iPhone 7’s battery! You will never run out of battery within the day – that’s for sure.

Charging takes quite a while, though.

Wrapping up the Edifier MP80 review

To be honest, the Edifier MP80 is more of a lifestyle product, in my opinion. With the bassless sound quality it produces, it seems like the Edifier MP80 is aimed towards those who want a Bluetooth speaker to listen to some music on the go, while still looking stylish.

Edifier MP80 Bluetooth Speaker

Since it’s splash- and dust-proof, I can definitely see myself hanging the MP80 off a zipper on my bag while walking around the city and commuting. I don’t even have to worry about the rain. Once I reach my destination, I’ll just plop the MP80 on the table and turn it on and listen to some tunes. Perhaps to answer calls too.

With that said, the Edifier MP80 is priced at only RM139.90 – which is a steal compared to Bluetooth speakers from other brands. Seriously, the build quality of the MP80 exceeded my expectations.

  • Pros
    • Splash-proof!
    • Very nice silicon enclosure
    • Tiny
    • Long battery life
  • Cons
    • Underwhelming bass
    • The speaker grill bulge is weird

Where to buy?

Lazada link here – RM139.90!

Update from Edifier – the MP80 will be available in Popular Bookstores and also on Edifier’s own online store.

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