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A while ago, we reviewed the Edifier W800BT – a very lightweight yet portable wireless headset with some decent sound quality. After that, Edifier went back to the drawing board to improve that wildly hot-selling headset and came out with the new Edifier W820BT wireless headset.

With tweaks and improvements all over, just how good the Edifier W820BT really is? Check it out in this review.


Edifier W820BT

Right off the bat, the box itself is seen to be rather… simplistic this time around. It’s obvious what Edifier is trying to do here. There’s really nothing at the front other than a Bluetooth logo (which is important) and also a very thin font that spells out “W820BT Bluetooth Stereo Headphones”. The front of the box shows a red colored headset, but you should pay attention to the back.

Edifier W820BT

At the back we can see some of the features listed out in various languages and also a list of contents included in the box itself. It also states the color of the headset that you’re getting. At the bottom right side is where the color is stated. We got the black colored one here.

Edifier W820BT

To open the box is fairly simple. It first came in a shrink wrap that we cut open, and the sleeve slides right off with ease, revealing the Edifier W820BT itself and a very small accessories compartment below it.

Edifier W820BT

Digging out everything from the accessories compartment, we found a TRS audio jack with a right-angled connector, a micro USB charging cable, and also the user manual. Pretty standard Edifier accessories here, honestly.

Edifier W820BT


The overall design language here is pretty standard. The Edifier W820BT headset itself comes in a pretty standard overall design. The headset itself is foldable this time around, which makes it really easy to pack up and store in the bag.

Edifier W820BT

Though, I worry that the PU leather earcups will rupture or have the PU leather accidentally pulled off of the earcups itself. Edifier did not include a hard shell case because of pricing issue, of course. And not everyone will use the hard shell case too – so that’s understandable.

The earcups are pretty thick as well. However, for someone with a big elf-like ear pinna like me, the Edifier W820BT feels like an on-ear headset than an over-ear headset.

There’s also a cushion for the headband which is once again, wrapped in PU leather. Very typical for headsets these days.

Edifier W820BT

One thing I do like about the Edifier W820BT is the scored size adjustment for the headband. Since folding the Edifier W820BT will require the headband to be fully retracted, having a graduated headband means I can remember how large I need the headband to be each time I wear it.

Specifically for me though, I feel that the headband is indeed a little too small as I have to wear it at the largest size for a comfortable fit. The earcups themselves do rotate a little to provide a better fit as well.

It is very lightweight as well, thanks to the minimal amount of metal found on the Edifier W820BT. It’s mostly plastic – but feels much more solid than its predecessor.


In terms of features, there aren’t much going on with the Edifier W820BT as compared to its other brethren. Most of the magic is found on the right earcup as the indicator LED, a power button, a volume rocker are located, the micro USB charging port, and a single microphone are located.

Edifier W820BT

On the left earcup is where the 3.5mm audio jack is found. This is the port for the included audio jack that is in the accessories box. We mentioned that this is a TRS cable – which means the microphone does not work through the 3.5mm audio jack. You will need to connect the headset via Bluetooth for the microphone to work.

Using the Edifier W820BT

Which leads us nicely here. The single microphone found on the Edifier W820BT is placed far away from the mouth of the user. Since it only has a single microphone, it is not going to filter out any noise at all. I was told that the microphone sounds like I’m underwater while playing PUBG Mobile.

In terms of the audio quality though, the Edifier W820BT is actually quite okay for the price. I played PUBG Mobile extensively using this headset and I can hear quite a lot of things in the game. The soundstage on this headset is fantastic – but I suggest you to refrain to use it for gaming through Bluetooth since the audio delay is about half a second.

Edifier W820BT

As for music, the Edifier W820BT is quite bass-oriented and the treble just did not sparkle as what we hope it would be. The vocals are a little drowned due to the bass too. The bass is alright. It packs a punch yet it does not distort, yet adequate enough for me to enjoy my electronic music.

When connected to my Samsung Galaxy S9, I realize a few things. While using Spotify, pressing the power button acts as a play/pause button while the long-pressing the volumes up and down functions as next and previous track respectively. These features are nice to have.

The overall comfort for the Edifier W820BT is quite okay. Elf-like ears like mine felt fine even after hours of using it, but bear in mind that any vigorous movement means that the headset will fall off. Also keep in mind that if you have a bigger-than-average head (no offence) means that the Edifier W820BT might not fit you.

Battery life

Here’s where the Edifier W820BT really shines – one single charge and I can use it for hours and hours non-stop. I at least used it for 10 hours and I still do not need to charge it. The battery life is just insane on this thing.

However, a huge battery in this headset means it will take quite a long time to charge – and that is exactly what we observed. However, we advise you to just plug it in for the night let it charge. In case of emergency and the battery ran out, use the included 3.5mm audio jack instead.

Wrapping up the Edifier W820BT review

Honestly speaking, it’s quite an okay headset. It’s more focused on bass, but it does not really pack a great punch. The vocal frequency range is muddled with the low frequencies. The highs do not really sparkle that much either. Also, the microphone is not that usable.

It is, however, comfortable to wear even for long hours and it is lightweight as well. Even has a supremely long battery life. And for the price of just RM199 over at Edifier’s official LazMall store in Lazada, it is quite a decent deal – just depends on what you are seeking for from a headset.

Where to buy?

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