ASUS VivoBook 14 A413

GameSir is a manufacturer of gamepads gearing towards PC and Android gamers. So far, they offer 8 different gamepads, each with their own design, layout, and compatible platforms. The one I have here is the GameSir G4s – it’s their latest flagship gamepad with lots of features – and we’re going to talk about it from top to bottom.

The parcel was sent to me by Singapore over registered mail. To my surprise, the box came with decent protection – just a few layers of bubble wrap, and that’s it. The parcel came with zero damages at all.

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED


It came with hard plastic case that has a transparent lid, and a dark brown base. I really like how GameSir opted to emboss its logo and name on the transparent lid. Nice touch.

On the base box itself  has some information printed on it. There is really nothing much to see here.


One thing I like is how reusable the box is. Maybe I can use to store some other things, like USB drives and hard disks.


Opening up the lip reveals of course, the gamepad itself that can be popped out of the plastic be spreading the white plastic at both its sides.

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Then, you can find the micro USB cable,the user manual (very important, do not neglect), and another rubberized plastic thing beneath the white plastic holder. So far so good.


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