Before we begin getting down into the review, here’s a little breakdown on what’s the excitement about the new HTC One. The previous One was a trendsetter with its metal body build, and was a very strong contender of the ‘social media-centric’ device with the UltraPixel camera.

This year HTC up the ante again with the new One, codenamed M8, was announced back in March – earliest of the entire array of flagship phones by prominent manufacturers.

And now it’s been here for about 4 months already, how does the new One compete against all other smartphones?

DSC_4027 copy

Let’s start off with the design. It’s now made out of 95% metal which definitely does add a little heft to it. It has a curved back and brushed metal texture which you can definitely see, but not feeling with your own fingers since it’s too small.

One thing to note is the age of this device that I got for review. Like I mentioned, the new One is a couple of months old, and the review unit I got is also about that age. As time goes by, phones tend to get dents and some parts of it either chipped off or damaged. It was obviously the case for this unit I got.

DSC_4038 copy

There are clear scratches at the top right side of the phone in the picture shown, and there are many more parts chipped off around the four corners of the phone. This is a big deal not because the metal will get permanently damaged, but because of how well the new One can hold up against such “injuries”, if I get the word right.

The phone can survive without any phone cases, and that will most definitely be fine for the new One, but if this is my personal device, I’ll never do so. Putting the One M8 with the screen facing downwards makes my heart shriek, and the speakers will be covered. If the screen is facing upwards, the camera and the beautiful HTC logo at the back will get scratches.

Oh, the dilemma.

Luckily, HTC’s Dot View cases are here to save the day in beauty and functionality. Unfortunately I don’t have it with me, so… yeah…

This is definitely the most beautiful smartphone I’ve ever used, no doubt. Samsung Galaxy S5 can kiss the M8’s shiny metal ass.

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