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Logitech is now back at it again with another keyboard that uses its own proprietary Romer-G key switches. This is the Logitech G G810, and Logitech made a few significant changes around all around.

Let’s start off with the elephant in the room (or review) here. The box itself is pretty basic. For some reason, Logitech G – which is their gaming division of peripherals – opted for a very dark design. Even the RGB lighting shown on the box is pretty dim, in my opinion.

G810 Orion Spectrum (21)

Around the back is where things straight to look a little more outstanding. That Romer-G title is highlighted really brightly Of course, they’re going to highlight the famous 16.8 million colours available to choose from, since you’re using an RGB backlit keyboard after all.

G810 Orion Spectrum (22)

Opening the box up is and obviously the keyboard is the first thing everyone sees. It’s just covered by a thin layer of clear plastic all over. I really wanna know why they didn’t have any sort of plastic covers like the one Ducky included for all their keyboard. Just great for any sort of storage or dust protection for that matter.

G810 Orion Spectrum (23)

Beneath the keyboard is just a piece of quick start guide, and that’s pretty much it.

[nextpage title=”Design & build quality”]Honestly speaking, the keyboard is covered with matte plastic all over the top, and smooth shiny polished plastic around the rim. There’s nothing stunning about the keyboard at all – until you plug it to your computer.

G810 Orion Spectrum (35)

Looking around the back is where some humongous yet effective rubber feet They have 5 of these rubber feet – 4 at each corner, and another one at the bottom-center. Another thing that I like about the Logitech G G810 is the double kickstand with different heights, just like the Ducky One. Rubber feet on these kickstands are of course smaller, but they do function pretty nicely.

G810 Orion Spectrum (1)

Based on one thing that I’ve noted though is the backlit keycaps included. They’re made out of a smooth texture and does have an actually normal-feeling keycap unlike the Logitech G G310 which we reviewed here. Thank you Logitech!

G810 Orion Spectrum (30)

On another note, the build quality is surprisingly strong. There’s almost no flex to the keyboard when trying to bend it on both corners.

Also, the USB cable protrudes out from the right side of the keyboard, so that’s something to take note of if you’re trying to set up a clean rig for yourself.

[nextpage title=”Features”]Going through the entire keyboard layout, there’s a lot of additions that Logitech has included in the Logitech G G810 For example, the multimedia keys on this keyboard is pretty neat. You get a full set of play/pause, stop, previous and next keys, alongside with a mute button. What’s great is the scroll wheel for smooth volume adjustment too – but I think they should have implemented the mute button together with the volume wheel, like the ASUS GK2000 Horus mechanical keyboard which we reviewed here. Also, there’s another button to turn the backlight on and off.

G810 Orion Spectrum (29)

The Logitech G G810 relies 100% on the Logitech Gaming Software, or LGS for short. It’s a great thing that Logitech has done, since all of its features are done really well. Its controls are simple and easy to use, with results shown instantaneously on the Logitech G G810 as you click things like backlight colour or effect for example. I find this a really nice feature that Logitech has set, and to eliminate the freaking hit apply to make changes button for good. Love you, Logitech!

Check out our gallery of the LGS here.

LGS is really straightforward, and it has everything you need – and more. All of the lighting modes are controlled via software. You can set up each and every individual key to light up or not, and also to change which colour you want it to be. Again, you have 16.8 million colours to choose from for each key.

[nextpage title=”Comfort & typing experience”]The Logitech G G810 has quite a ridiculously thick body compared to other Cherry MX mechanical keyboard. Like about 1.5x the thickness! A wrist rest in this case would be nice, but it’s sad to see Logitech neglecting this entirely. With this insane thickness, no amount of tilt can save you.

Topre switches are as expected too – and I won’t go on detail with it here. Just know that they’re actually weird at first, but actually comfortable to type on. Another thing is that you can’t find any replacement keycaps – so you’re stuck with this smooth plastic keycaps. They will get smeared with oil marks and all that jazz of course.

G810 Orion Spectrum (27)

I’ve got another complaint about the keycaps this time though. For some reason, the backlight that shone through the keycap looks a little washed out. Like as if there’s a layer of haze between the LED and the keycap itself. Colours just don’t look as vibrant or sharp as it should be.

There’s a direct comparison to be made within the keyboard itself too. Just look at the big Logitech G logo at the top left corner and compare it with the rest of the keyboard. Even the orange colour on my Frankenstein’d Ducky One TKL is much more vibrant and brighter than the Logitech G G810’s orange backlight.

[nextpage title=”Wrap up”]I think there’s a special place for the Logitech G G810 for gamers who types. Romer-G switches in my opinion doesn’t have that much of a resistance in its tactility, like Cherry MX Brown does. There’s just much less clack whole typing. LGS is doing fantastically well too, but it lacks the independence if there’s no LGS. However, LGS isn’t perfect – there’s no syncing feature like Razer’s Synapse. There’s also no on-board storage of for whatever reason.

Here’s my conclusion – the Logitech G G810 can be found on Lazada for about RM570 at this point of writing. It’s right around the Corsair K70 RGB area in terms of price, but of course the Logitech G G810 uses a special type of switch – the Logitech’s proprietary Romer-G. As I’ve suggested any tip in choosing your own keyboard, do test it yourself first before making your own purchase.

G810 Orion Spectrum (31)

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