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Doing work on a laptop sucks. The screen size ties into the price, weight, and performance that you’re going to get. Do you want a 17.3-inch screen? Then you’re going to get a big, bulky gaming laptop with lots of performance that is mostly aimed towards gamers only. Do you want something small and portable? Then have fun squinting at the screen if you want to do large Excel sheets.

Introducing the Mobile Pixels DUEX. This is a fantastic piece of accessory for your laptop and I am absolutely loving this. It is kind of like a portable monitor that is attached to a sliding mechanism that is magnetically attached to the back of your laptop’s lid. Watch our video here to find out about the unboxing and installation process.

I just want to add a few more points in addition to the video. I have since moved the entire setup a little higher as the DUEX Plus’s hinge mechanism is slightly thicker and it will hit the desk. This is also due to the thinness of the MacBook Pro, so you might not encounter this issue at all.

Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus

There are other sizes of the DUEX as well, ranging from 12.5-inch, 13.3-inch, and 14.1-inch in diagonal measurement.

Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus

While the DUEX grants you another display to use, there is yet another Mobile Pixels Trio that grants you two more screens to use. That’s certainly going to make your laptop not as portable as before – but imagine the number of screens you can use.

Again, for the purchase links – here they are.

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