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OPPO’s entry into the entry-mid-range smartphone market is rather interesting with the OPPO A73. In many ways, I’ll consider this to be a rather special phone on its own because of how well-built it is, but it’s a pretty simple, straightforward phone.

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Okay, let’s go talk about the design of the OPPO A73 first. The design of this phone is absolutely beautiful. Whenever I took this out phone, everyone said “wow, this phone looks absolutely stunning!” And I agree – with its brass-colored frame and also an orange back, it creates a very lively look.


This orange plastic back has a leather texture on it, which I think actually makes it nice to touch and offers something different from the usual – and boring – smooth plastic or glass backs.


By the way, I also have to mention that this phone is super thin, too.


In terms of specs – our unit of the OPPO A73 comes with:

  • Snapdragon 662 chipset
  • 6GB RAM
  • 128GB of storage

As far as performance goes, it’ll be very similar to the POCO M3 since they both have the same chipset but the OPPO A73 has 2GB more RAM than the POCO M3. So, if you want to get an idea of how the OPPO A73 performs, check out our review of the POCO M3 instead.


Another thing that’s different is, of course, the screen. The OPPO A73 is packed with a 6.44-inch AMOLED screen with 1080p resolution, which has the usual great colors, contrast, and brightness – and also an under-display fingerprint scanner – which is a telltale sign of an AMOLED screen. Again, nothing to complain here.


The camera is actually quite decent on the OPPO A73 as I can take good pics indoors and outdoors. The colors are good and I can see that they’re doing some color processing and covered the dog with a slightly orange hue. It has good clarity, too. But sorry for not taking more pics – it’s just rainy and gloomy these few weeks.


The software on the OPPO A73 is also pretty standard – nothing gets in my way or augments my workflow or user experience, so it’s fine.

As for battery life though, it comes with a rather relatively (in today’s standard) tiny 4,015mAh battery which does last throughout the day without any issues as it scores about 12 and a half hours in our battery life test.

OPPO A73 battery life benchmark

For charger, it comes with a 30W charger with support for OPPO’s proprietary VOOC technology. It goes from 15% to 100% in slightly less than an hour, which is pretty okay considering that it’s a 4,015mAh battery.

OPPO A73 fast charging benchmark

So at the end of the day, the OPPO A73. It’s very similar to the POCO M3, but comes with a much thinner body and also an arguably more sexy design but at a price premium at RM899. Sure, it’s more expensive but it comes with OPPO’s signature VOOC fast charging, an AMOLED screen, and also a very invigorating and thin design.

I think that’s a good price for what it offers. It charges a premium over the POCO M3, but it comes with justifiable upgrades like an AMOLED screen and faster charging, and also a very thin body with a beautiful orange-colored back.

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