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A few months ago, the realme 5 was launched. Today, we have the new realme 5s. They’re both very closely related to each other as there are many similarities and have a few major differences. So, in today’s review, let’s look into what has changed with the realme 5s.

Since there are too many similarities between the realme 5 and realme 5s, we’re not going to speed everything through. We suggest you watch our realme 5 review video first.

ASUS ExpertBook B5 Flip

In short, here’s a summary of what’s different between the realme 5s and the realme 5. To emphasize again, the only one biggest difference is the main camera. On the realme 5s, we now have a 48MP camera and also a new lens.

<em>realme</em> 5s

The picture quality – as shown in the video – has the same level of clarity and details when we put both phones side by side. Obviously, the resolution of the realme 5s is higher.

<em>realme</em> 5s

The new lens also comes with a larger field of view, which I think is better. It allows us, users, to frame the shot easily now in tighter space compared to the realme 5. However, the new camera also comes with a different white balance profile.

From the pictures we’ve captured and compared, we can see that the realme 5s captured images that have a bluish, greenish tint to it. It depends on what scenery of picture that we’re taking – and once again as shown in the video, the flower looks great with the realme 5s as it looks more alive than what was captured by the realme 5.

<em>realme</em> 5s

The second difference here is the base model between the two phones. The realme 5 comes with a minimum of 3GB RAM with an option to get 4GB, whereby the realme 5s starts at 4GB RAM. It’s not that big of a difference – just something worth highlighting.

As for the price, RM799 is logical. It’s literally the higher spec version of the realme 5. Is it a good phone? Well, depends on you. If you like a wider field of view on that 48MP camera plus a little more RAM, then get the realme 5s.

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