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This is the new ROG Gladius 3. I have used the original ROG Gladius for 2 years before its eventual wear due to wear and tear – and I spent a little time with the ROG Gladius 2 for review. And now, we have the ROG Gladius 3.

This mouse is different from its predecessor, according to what I remembered. So, let’s take a look at the new ROG Gladius 3.

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If you’re already familiar with what the ROG Gladius series of mouse is known for, then the Gladius 3 is pretty much a continuation of that idea. The mouse is still an ergonomic mouse made only for right-handed users, and it still has the feature that you can literally take the mouse apart and swap the switch to whatever you want.

ROG Gladius III

ROG also included two more spare microswitches for the clickers, which are compatible with both left and right clicks.

ROG Gladius III

And after using so many mice with constant abuse, I realized that usually, I tend to murder the scroll wheel first before the left or right clicks.
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Yet after so many years, I have not seen any mouse in the market that allows easy scroll wheel swaps – or even just the side buttons, because they’re essentially the same microswitches as the left and right clicks, but just soldered onto the board.

Okay, how does the ROG Gladius 3 actually feels? As mentioned at the beginning of this review, the ROG Gladius 3 is very different when compared to its predecessors – at least from what I remember.

ROG Gladius III

The ROG Gladius 3 is much more “rounded” in terms of design when compared to the ROG Gladius 1 and 2’s literal “edgy” design. For one, the extra-long left and right clicks on the ROG Gladius 1 and 2 are now gone, in favor of this new design. I’m rather impartial about this – just thought that it’s something that some of you might care about.

ROG Gladius III

With this new rounded design also means that for my big hands, I feel like the ROG Gladius 3 can only be used in palm grip or fingertip grip. Claw grip is mostly impossible due to how tall the left and right clicks are, relative to the surface.

ROG Gladius III

When I first used the ROG Gladius 3, I find myself involuntarily right-clicking. After some adjustment and getting-used-to its shape and size, I find myself using the Gladius 3 without any issues, honestly.

ROG Gladius III

It’s surprisingly lightweight and even the included cable is very light. Goes to show that ROG paid attention to reduce the weight of this mouse.

ROG Gladius III

I’m also really happy that the ROG Gladius 3 can essentially connect to 3 different devices and can toggle between them. This mouse here can connect to your devices via Bluetooth, via cable, or via its wireless dongle. You can flip the switch at the bottom of the mouse to toggle between all 3 modes, controlling 3 different devices with one mouse.

ROG Gladius III

And I can see myself using this feature a lot too – Bluetooth with my laptop, and the wireless dongle for my desktop.

This mouse can also be customized in the Armoury Crate software – and its overall customizability is pretty standard as far as ROG gaming mouse goes.

One thing that’s new here is the RGB lighting zone. We have yet another lighting zone around the left side of the mouse where the side buttons are – to which I’ll ask, why?

ROG Gladius III

Sorry, I’m just a guy who doesn’t understand the need for RGB – especially on a mouse.
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First, we got an RGB logo on the palm area where my palm will always be blocking the light, and then now we have another RGB section at the left where my thumb will block a majority of the light. Again – why?

ROG Gladius III

And this also affects battery life, obviously. I connected the mouse to my desktop via the wireless dongle, turned on all the RGB at its brightest, and have it cycle through all the colors. And the battery can’t last for 2 days’ worth of usage. Oof.

Then, charged up the mouse again and used it with all the lights turned off. I used it for quite a long time and there’s still battery left in it.

ROG Gladius III

By the way, the ROG Gladius 3 charges via USB-C and there are no obstructions to make it a semi-proprietary standard like the ROG Gladius 2, so good job.

Should you buy the ROG Gladius III?

And finally, the price. At RM439, the ROG Gladius 3 is definitely a premium mouse. It has triple connectivity options for you to choose from, great battery life – if you turn off all the RGB – and good software for customizations, too.

ROG Gladius III

But, for those who are planning to upgrade from the ROG Gladius 1 or Gladius 2 and expect the Gladius 3 to be similar to its predecessors, then you need to do your research properly.
The Gladius 3 is different in terms of shape and feel, hence completely changing the user experience.

Personally speaking, its shape is not something that I personally prefer since I use my mouse in claw grip most of the time, but this is still a good mouse nonetheless.

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