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This tablet is a rather simple one. I was looking for a tablet recently – and when Samsung sent over this tablet – which is the company’s most affordable tablet in the market right now – I was intrigued. So, here’s our review.

Firstly, I gotta highlight one thing that’s bothering me. The usual Samsung naming scheme for their Galaxy Tab A series are like Galaxy Tab A 10.1-inch or Galaxy Tab A 8.0-inch and whatnot.

So, my brain – for whatever reason – immediately thought that this is a 7-inch tablet. But it’s not. The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite uses an 8.7-inch IPS LCD screen.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

And before you go into the comment section and tell me “uh, it’s actually a TFT screen”, then let me tell you this – the word “TFT screen” is an umbrella term, encompassing IPS and TN panels. You can verify it here or here.

It’s just weird that in all Samsung product specs sheet, it’s either AMOLED or straight-up TFT. They never use the word “LCD”.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

One way to surely confirm that this is an IPS LCD screen is its near-180º viewing angle. Look – no color shifting!

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Its resolution, it’s using a rather weird one. At 1340×800, it’s not really the usual 16:9. It’s more like 15.07:9 instead. While the pixel density is low, I find it acceptable since the screen is huge enough that I won’t put my face directly in front of it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

And media consumption is pretty good. The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite comes with two speakers and they sound really good. We do have a sound sample of the speaker quality of this tablet – so watch our video at the top of this review.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

By the way, this tablet can be comfortably held with just one hand. Granted, my hands are pretty big.

For the performance side of things, the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite comes with a MediaTek Helio P22T chipset. It’s a fairly entry-level chipset that is mostly okay for day-to-day use but definitely has some stuttering here and there.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

If you’re looking to get this tablet for gaming then don’t. This tablet isn’t made for gaming. But it does come with 4GB RAM, which is a big deal if you’re getting this tablet for your kids to attend online classes.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite
Decent enough for ebooks too.

I was talking with one of my friends the other day and he said that his Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 – the non-Lite version – comes with only 3GB RAM and his son’s Google Classroom crashes if the classroom has too many participants.

Unfortunately, that is something that I cannot test for you since there are no schooling kids at home and I can’t pass this tablet to my friend and ask him to test it out.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite battery life test

But what I can test for you is the battery life. The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite comes with a 5,100mAh battery and lasts for a really long time. That MediaTek Helio P22T isn’t particularly power-hungry anyway, so I’d say it’s pretty decent.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

For the charger – yes, Samsung did include a charger even though this box is very compact – is a 15W charger. I honestly do not care about the charging time at all. Tablets are the kind of thing that I will just plug it in and let it charge until whenever I need to use it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite?

So, for the price of RM699 – it’s definitely an entry-level tablet. Yeah, there are lots of cost-cutting to make this price a reality. And yet, it’s still a pretty decent tablet. Good enough for kids attending online classes, and also good enough for my use case, apparently – that’s a topic for another day.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

But, there is another alternative that you can consider – the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, the non-Lite version. That comes at a more expensive price tag of RM899, but has a larger, higher-resolution screen with a larger battery, but less RAM and less storage.

Either way, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is still a fantastic tablet especially for those who need something simple for online classes.

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