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I got the review script done. But I eventually abandoned that script because I realized that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 is not meant to be “reviewed” like any other smartphones that we had in the past.

Its specs mean that this device can obviously perform without any issues – and I don’t see a point in doing the typical benchmarks anyway. Instead, I’m going to share my user experience of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 instead.

This isn’t a review of the Galaxy Z Fold2, this is a review of how it’s like to use the Galaxy Z Fold2 for 2 weeks.

The new design

It’s gotten a lot more elegant this year with the new colors. The one we have here is in Mystic Bronze with a matte finish, while it’s also available in Mystic Black in glossy finish if you want to.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

The hinge cover is also customizable… but not for us here in Malaysia, unfortunately. And speaking of the hinge, it has the CAM mechanisms and whatnot – but the most interesting touch that Samsung did here is to add brushed metal finish around the sides. It might not seem like a big deal at first, but brushed metal texture provided me extra grip when unfolding the device.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2
A nice touch that improves usability by a lot.

And once unfolded, the other big upgrade here is the removal of that hideous and unnecessary notch from last year’s Fold in favor is this punch hole camera. Thank you, Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2


The inner main display is using Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen is obviously beautiful, and I can watch a lot of shows on it and still be amazed by it. That 120Hz is like icing on a cake, and the LTPO backplane with a variable refresh rate to save battery is the cherry on top.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

Samsung is now also using UTG here, just like the Galaxy Z Flip from earlier this year. Like what we said in the Z Flip review, it flattens the screen and eliminates weird waves or wobbles on the flexible display, which was seen on the original Galaxy Fold from last year. The other thing that Samsung didn’t talk about is how tiny the crease is. Visually, it’s not as noticeable and I can still feel it with my fingers, just not that obvious now.

Now, I have been playing a lot of games on the Galaxy Z Fold2. Many games just scale up to the Z Fold2’s main display. Great software by Samsung, as always.

One thing I realized is that there’s a screen protector on the inner display. When my fingertip’s sweat, it will cause the screen to have some weird texture. It causes roughness when I tried to glide my finger across – which is an issue. That screen protector can be pulled out, but I absolutely discourage you from doing so.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

And while we’re talking about displays, the cover display is now much larger than before – which is another obvious upgrade over the original Fold from last year. But the cover display is only using a Super AMOLED screen which is a 60Hz screen. Not a big deal.


Back to the unfolded Galaxy Z Fold2. The overall shape is more or less the same as the Fold from last year, but the Z Fold2 is a little wider than before. I can still hold it with one hand and also use the side-mounted fingerprint scanner to unlock the device – which is nice. Yes, I have big hands and I’m a left-handed user.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

Software & multitasking

The usability the Galaxy Z Fold2 is still as amazing as the first generation, and they’ve also doubled down on the productivity features – particularly dragging and dropping across apps
Office apps work well – Samsung’s browser also works, and screenshotting in multi-app view also works tremendously well. It’s not something that can be described via text, so I recommend you watch the video at the top of this article.

There’s also wireless DeX here, so that means we can multitask while multitasking.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

Then comes Flex Mode. With supported apps, the Galaxy Z Fold2 can be used in a “tripod mode” just like the Z Flip. This one allows you to view them in 3 different configurations. YouTube is the one app that I tested and it works magnificently well – though I am worried about the main screen getting scratched – which is why they also got a screen protector for it.

My favorite feature in Flex Mode here has got to be the camera. We have said that because of how the Z Flip was made, it allows us to take photos and videos in many interesting angles because of how the phone can stand on its own. It displays the taken pictures at one side, and the live viewfinder at another. That means I can reframe my shot while referring to my previous shot. That’s just nice to have.

While we’re talking about the cameras, the Z Fold2 can take some amazing pictures – obviously. Contrasty, vivid colors with great clarity – the signature Samsung camera picture quality. Again – watch our video review to know how the camera performs.

What I think can be improved

I’m truly not a fan of the camera bump on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2. I think it’s unnecessarily huge since the Galaxy Z Fold2 is technically two phones folded in two one – and there’s a lot of two-dimensional area. I think they could’ve flattened the bump instead.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

With this big of a camera bump, the Galaxy Z Fold2 is really thick.

Do I recommend the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2?

If you have the cash and you want to get a foldable device, then yea – go for it. The Galaxy Z Fold2 is an amazingly solid yet elegant foldable device when compared to last year’s industrial-looking Galaxy Fold. It fixed a lot of issues that the first one has, and also improved its usability.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

The new Galaxy Z Fold2 is also cheaper too – at only RM7,999. But let me tell you why. Inside the box of the Galaxy Z Fold2, you get the charger, the cable, and also a USB-C wired earphone. No case, no Galaxy Buds like last year’s Fold.

I mean, that’s a good thing since Samsung doesn’t “force” us to buy those things alongside the Galaxy Z Fold2 and also lower the price. 🤷‍♂️

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2
The face of “I adore this device”

The question is now the same as before – how will Samsung improve the Fold for next year? Put an S Pen in the hinge, like the Nintendo DS? And with Samsung’s bold declaration of “farewell, flat”, what’s going to happen to the S and Note series? Will there be an affordable foldable phone like the Fold?

Only time will tell.

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