ASUS VivoBook S14/S15


Here’s what’s up with Samsung these days. They released two smartwatches that didn’t run on Android – the previously-reviewed Gear Fit runs on Real Time OS, and the Gear 2 runs on Tizen. Happened a few days ago, the original Samsung Galaxy Gear got an update and changed it to run on Tizen too, which technically renamed the Samsung Galaxy Gear to just the Samsung Gear.

So technically, this review will be a little towards Tizen too, since it is the first ever smartwatch to use Tizen OS.

To be reviewing  the Gear 2 like the Gear Fit is only to be fair, and that is exactly what I will do.

The box for the Gear 2 is actually a lot larger than the Galaxy S5. I have no idea why, but seriously Samsung, I thought your “wooden” box was to save the environment.

DSC_3698 copyThere’s the watch and a lot of empty space beside and below it.

DSC_3700 copy

This is everything you need and excluded are some manuals, obviously.

I must say, like the Gear Fit, there’s an included charger dock which you’ll need to use if you ever want to charge your device.

Even for a companion smart device tailored specifically to Samsung devices only, I’m disappointed that they never included a USB to micro USB cable because the Gear 2 does have on-board storage of 4GB – more on that later. Well Samsung, the Galaxy S5 has a very good travel charger, why not just use that instead of this hardwired micro USB wall charger?

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