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This is the SilverStone RL05 ATX case, our second review of PC cases after the Sharkoon BW9000-W case review. The SilverStone RL05 is categorized as an entry-level case with ample features, which we will have to test to truly determine if it is worthy of that claim. Quick shoutout to Inter-Asia for giving us the opportunity to review the SilverStone RL05 case too!


The box itself tells us a lot of information regarding the SilverStone RL05 itself. The first side tells all of its features and a view from the front.

ASUS ExpertBook B5 Flip

SilverStone RL05

On the other side of the box, it shows and tells all of the features and internal layout at the back of the SilverStone RL05. Pretty neat.

Review - SilverStone RL05 ATX Case 1

Opening up the box shows a basic piece of polystyrene foam. It’s decent enough for protection.

SilverStone RL05

Digging all of the contents out reveals a minimal amount of included accessories.

SilverStone RL05


At the side, there is a humongous acrylic side panel, which shows off everything inside the SilverStone RL05. Make sure you have great cable management if you are going to use this case. Fortunately, the SilverStone RL05 does have a non-removable metal shroud covering the basement.

SilverStone RL05

The SilverStone RL05 has a matte black metal finish all around, and has a few plastic bezels at the front. Overall, the materials used here are really good for its price point.

SilverStone RL05

On the other side panel, there is absolutely nothing on it. Just a flat piece of metal with a matte black finish.

Opening the side panels shows a blacked out interior, with quite a lot of space and an unconventional cable management design.

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Personally, I really like the whole look of it.

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