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Since most of us have more than one device to be charged via USB, why not get a multi-port charger like the Ugreen 65W GaN charger? It has a total of 4 ports to handle everything, which should be more than enough. And since it’s a GaN-based charger, it’s very tiny and portable, too.

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Now, look – your next phone might not have a charge bundled in the box. Maybe not today, maybe not in the next few months – but most likely in a year or two.

Actually, your wireless earbuds or headphones don’t come with a charger – and no one’s complaining because we already have a charger.

Ugreen 65W GaN charger

But when Ugreen sent over their latest 65W GaN charger, I was surprised. This is a 4-port charger – triple Type-C and a single Type-A, and it can output a combined maximum of 65W.

Ugreen 65W GaN charger

That said, I don’t know how to review a charger, actually. If it charges a device as intended, then that’s it, right? I tried charging an ultrabook laptop – which came with a 65W charger – and compared its charging speed with the Ugreen 65W GaN charger – and the charging speed is what I’ll say identical.

Ugreen 65W GaN charger charging benchmark

Ugreen also offers the GaN charger in a few different variants. The one we have is a two-prong plug version with 4 outputs. There’s also another version with the UK 3-pin plug which I personally think is bulkier but more convenient to plug in – and there is also another single Type-C output port variant.

Prices vary from one to another – but they’re all around the same range. It’s highly-affordable and I really love what Ugreen has done since it also supports all the common charging standards including USB-PD 3.0.

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By the way, Ugreen is also having their 12.12 year end sale! Click here to check it out.

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